Windows 11 features that will save you time


Are you tired of wasting time trying to figure out how to do something on your computer? Do you wish you could spend less time doing the same tasks over and over again? Windows 11 has several features that will help, so read on!


One feature is called “Timeline”, which tracks the files you have been using recently. For example, if you were working on a Word document last night but now forget what folder it was saved in, just open Timeline and select “Word” from the Recent Activities list. You can then open that file or locate where it is stored. This feature also works with websites you have visited recently as well as documents shared with other users (in case your colleague left it at home). Of course, this information only remains active for a limited time, so don’t expect it to stick around forever.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

Another feature is called “Pick Up Where You Left Off”, which allows you to resume any activity from where you left off after your PC goes idle. For example, if you were writing an email but had to step away from your computer for a moment, Windows automatically saves what you’ve typed so far and restores it when you come back—you can even see the last message sent before closing the app. This is great news for those of us who always leave one browser tab open because we know we will need it again tomorrow!

Touchscreen enhancements

This version of Windows also comes with improved support for touchscreen users. When browsing Internet Explorer tapping twice on text highlights all of the text in that area, just like clicking and dragging your mouse would. Instead of constantly changing the zoom settings to fit what you are looking at on screen, Windows automatically optimizes for whatever type of app or website it is.

This feature is perfect for presentations! No more being embarrassed having to adjust a bulky laptop sitting on a propped up book so everyone can see the presentation. Now with Windows 11’s “project” mode you can use your phone as a second monitor and customize its display– place shortcuts and apps where you want them for easy access while presenting on one larger tablet-sized screen!

You can even give yourself a time limit and watch as PowerPoint slides rush back onto the big screen when you’re over your alloted time.

Multi-tasking spaces

This feature is the perfect addition to the productivty world! We all know how much of a pain it can be to have multiple windows open for different tabs on the web. Sometimes you accidently close your internet tab, sometimes Google Chrome crashes for no reason, and other times you don’t even bother opening it because it take so long to reopen closed tabs– It’s really simply just faster to open new pages than reopen them. With Windows 11’s multi-tasking space window feature though, this problem will disappear!

With “multi-tasking spaces”, users are able to open as many desktops as possible with up to four apps per desktop area that can be easily switched between using the snap assist function (the four circles in the upper left).

Multiple Desktops

You can also have up to four separate desktops open, each with their own apps also. This is definitely very helpful for people that have lots of windows open at one time.

Additionally, you can drag the apps to each area in order to organize what desktops have which application open. This definitely saves time because there’s no need to manage everything on the taskbar anymore!

Furthermore, you don’t even need a mouse or trackpad for this task–you can simply use your finger with touchscreens! The multi-tasking space is also able to be controlled by voice commands too so if you are busy typing up an email and someone says “Hey Cortana, switch desktops”, it’ll work.

Windows 11 will save users TIME because they won’t waste as much time reopening closed tabs and windows. Additionally, organizing all those opened items on the computer screen is strenuous and time-consuming so Microsoft has solved these problems with their new Windows 11 features.

Users can double-click the Windows key or press “Ctrl+D” to make the app windows transparent, enabling them to see through to the desktop (note this is an old feature; Windows Vista and 7 could make apps transparent but not in this way). The user might use this if they need to open another program while working on a primary one by clicking through all open windows until they find their desired secondary window.

Automatic Driver Updates

Windows 11 has improved driver updates by adding support for more hardware device types, improving compatibility with other devices and hardware configurations, and also removing the need for manual intervention if an update fails or certain devices are not supported. Driver updates are handled by the Windows Update Service, so these updates will be downloaded automatically and displayed in the user’s Update History. This feature will save users TIME because you no longer have to manually update drivers; it is done automatically by Windows 11.

Automatic performance tune-ups

With Microsoft releasing two major operating system updates per year, users might feel like their computers become outdated much too quickly (the same problem occurred with previous versions of Windows that were released annually). Users may then begin looking into hardware upgrades that depend on reducing performance degradation over time which is known as “performance fatigue.”   Although there are many variables at play when looking at what affects performance such as hardware, software, and firmware; Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Windows 10 called “performance tune-up” that will help your computer run like it’s brand new every few months. This feature is able to do this by analyzing several aspects of a system such as disk input/output operations per second, number of times the processor is being requested to perform more tasks than it can handle at once, etc. This feature will save you TIME because you no longer have to look for 3rd party software to slow down your computer; Windows 10 does it for you!

Microsoft’s central design goal for Windows 11 was that each release would be serviced with quality updates over time which means no matter how long you have been using Windows 11, there are still features & functionality you haven’t even seen yet!

So why wait? Upgrade to Windows 11 today!

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