Why is your laptop battery draining so fast?


Why is your laptop battery draining so fast? The answer might be your laptop keyboard. Make sure you turn off the backlit keyboard as this can drain your battery quickly.

The majority of people own a laptop computer, that is capable of running on battery power for about 3 to 7 hours before the required recharge. However, research shows that most people do not get to use their laptops even close to its full potential life since they are constantly plugged into an AC outlet.

This further proves the point that modern consumer laptops are designed with portability in mind but does little to provide convenience when it comes to utilizing the maximum amount of stamina out of one’s battery charge.

Laptops are used by professionals around the world at work and home alike, often times without access to an AC outlet nearby which results in users being forced into limiting their battery usage, or risk losing productivity.

Nowadays laptops are being designed with improved hardware which provides better performance compared to previous iterations at the cost of lower battery life. This is all good and well if you’re always near a power source but offers little to no convenience for users that need to be mobile while still maintaining access to their devices for extended periods of time without any way of charging them while on the go; this is especially important for business professionals that often find themselves traveling across cities or even continents while managing work projects. The current state of the modern laptop leaves very little room for anything other than simply through your required daily tasks with all of the latest hardware bells and whistles you’d expect to find in a high-performance machine. The only way to improve battery life is through careful management of your computer’s energy consumption which should be fairly easy considering that laptops have several built-in settings for conserving power while maximizing efficiency.

How to reduce your laptop’s battery drain?

  1. The first step involves managing how intense your graphics are on the system. While it may seem tempting to set games at their highest graphical settings, doing so will cause significant strain on the device’s batteries because of all the horsepower under the black hood that’s being used up just by rendering pixels on your screen. It doesn’t take much time before you’re looking at only an hour or less worth of continuous gaming depending on how intensive your favorite titles are, and that’s not taking into consideration how warm your laptop may be getting on the palms of your hands.
  2. The second way to conserve some serious power is by eliminating or minimizing background tasks you don’t need, such as apps that automatically update themselves at inconvenient times and intensive processes like torrenting files from an online storage provider. Simply closing down applications when they’re not needed will restore milliseconds’ worth of battery life. However, if you want even greater savings, consider installing third-party software designed specifically for this purpose .
  3. One simple trick with a significant effect is limiting the screen brightness to 60% or less since it exerts a noticeable strain on your graphics card and reduces viewing time significantly. Put it in dim mode and early bedtime calls become a lot more inviting.
  4. Modern laptops have a bright feature that makes them look good in showrooms but they can be too bright for your eyes when you’re doing some serious work. Turn it down to the lowest level that’s still clearly visible and save up on power .

For many, the default option of using Windows 10 is simply not conducive to long battery life. Instead, try Linux (which will allow you to browse while minimizing processes) or Chrome OS (which doesn’t need much processing power).

The same applies to applications running in the background. Any unnecessary application should be closed because even if not used actively it may drain battery by performing updates or maintaining other background operations like indexing search results etc.  

When buying a laptop you should also check its battery life.

That way you’ll be able to choose a laptop that can last for hours on end without requiring a recharge, allowing you to get more done on the go.

If this does not reduce the brain drain, get in touch with one of our laptop repair technicians.

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