Why is my laptop keyboard acting weird?


We often get asked ‘Why is my laptop keyboard acting weird?’ Well..read through to learn more.

If you use a laptop keyboard, it is possible that your keyboard may start acting oddly or even stop working all together. However, there are several reasons as to why this occurs and how you can fix the problem without having to replace any parts.

Keyboard isn’t registering keystrokes

A common reason as to why a laptop keyboard stops working is due to a buildup of dirt and dust on the keys or even underneath them which prevent your keys from successfully clicking down when pressed. While this does not seem like a big deal, it can be if any liquid spills onto your laptop while still connected to the power cord. This will cause damage to either your motherboard or battery depending on which area gets affected more by liquid exposure.

Keyboard gets locked up

Some users have reported that their keyboard gets locked up at times.

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Keyboard is sticky

Another reason as to why your laptop keyboard stops working properly it because the oil from your skin builds up on the keys. This can be especially bothersome if you are constantly eating with your laptop resting on your lap. To fix this, simply clean the keys with cotton buds and some water or even vinegar (if you do not mind a possible change in colour of the keys). If that fails, then try using wipes like Windex or Lysol’s disinfecting wipes to wipe down all surfaces surrounding each key.

To diagnose whether it is the actual sweat build up causing issues, take a look at how far under each letter/number/symbol there is room for dirt and debris. You will most likely find as much as a couple of millimeters between each key and the keyboard. If not, then you may have a problem with your keyboard that will require professional attention.


If you’re experiencing frequent computer problems due to the liquid spill damage and don’t want to get your laptop repaired, you can sell it on an auction site such as Ebay for parts. It may not be worth the cost of repairing your laptop if it’s been severely damaged by liquid spillage. Sell these parts on a reputable site and pay attention to what kind of feedback a buyer has left in the past so that you know whether they’ll leave positive reviews for purchases made from you or not.

Even though this seems like a real pain, if you have spilled drink on your laptop keyboard , there are many different things that can be done before calling in professional help. If just a few keys are acting up, there is a good chance that the liquid has just seeped under those keys and if you know how to fix your laptop , it could save you a lot of time and money.

How to take apart your laptop’s keyboard?

First things first: turn off the computer immediately after spilling any drink onto it! This should go without saying, but even if your computer is off, a liquid can still cause a short in certain components.

Next, if your laptop is still under warranty you should not void the warranty simply by taking apart your keyboard . In fact, most manufacturers have repair guides available online that will help you replace individual parts of the including the keyboard safely and without damaging any other components in the process. If it is clear from looking at your manufacturer’s guide that there are no parts in need of replacement, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about when performing this task on your own.

In addition to being able to save money on a repair , knowing how to take apart your laptop ‘s keyboard also gives you the opportunity to swap out certain pieces for upgraded models or custom colors.

If you’re sure there is nothing wrong with your laptop keyboard, but you still want to take apart because you’re just curious about how it works, then feel free to do so without consequences. Most manufacturers use ribbon cables for their keyboards , which means each individual key can be removed or replaced as needed thanks to the plastic connectors they attach to at the bottom. These connectors are usually easy enough to pull out with an unfolded paperclip if need be. Just make sure not too bend any of the metal contacts when trying to them, because this could prevent any future reattachment. If the connector isn’t coming out, you can always try rotating it back and forth while gently pushing in on one side of it until it unplugs itself. If that fails as well, then your only option is to use a thin knife or other sharp object to pull down on its release tab , which will allow you to detach the cable completely.

But what if after taking all this advice into consideration there’s still something wrong with your laptop keyboard? Well, unfortunately this means you might have actually broken something. Try pressing random keys and listening to see if they make strange sounds or not at all (or maybe even sound like someone is typing words). If some keys make noise others don’t, then every key on your keyboard is faulty. This means you should probably buy a new keyboard, but even fixing this problem is going to be difficult because of how specific the key was that broke.

If they all make sound and produce a letter when pressed, then it’s time to start theorizing what might have gone wrong with your laptop keyboard. For example, if some keys don’t produce letters when they’re supposed to or work at all, then you probably just need to restart your laptop – but again that only works in some cases.

Prevent sweat buildup

To keep your laptop from becoming a health hazard, it is important to take care of it and prevent sweat build up. Make sure you allow airflow time after taking a break from using it or set your computer on something that allows for more space under each key such as an old New York Times newspaper or flat box wrapping paper. While these are not long-term solutions, they can help prevent more serious circumstances from occurring. For instance, if the sweat has caused keys to become loose over time, this can lead to hardware issues when there’s too much play in them when typing or holding them down, which can cause a malfunction.

If you’ve still got problems after restarting – or multiple times – it might be time to get professional help from a laptop technician in your area. These guys will have the tools and knowledge needed for more complicated troubleshooting tasks.

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