What IT issues can and cannot be fixed remotely?


Issues that can be fixed remotely

The following are issues that can be fixed by remote IT support:


Since most hardware issues are confined to the computer itself, only minor software changes may need to be made in order for an IT support technician at your company to be able to fix these problems.

If the issue is with any of the components within your system (e.g. hard drive, motherboard, etc.) then an external service will likely be needed in order to resolve the problem. Once again, though, this would not require input from anyone physically on-site; an IT professional would simply remotely access your system and make whatever necessary changes they need to fix the issue.


The majority of computer-related problems that end users face are usually software related. This includes errors with both internal and external applications, as well as incompatibilities between different types of software. These types of issues can easily be fixed remotely without the need for any on-site input from an information technology professional.


When dealing with server issues, it is best to first isolate the problem to make sure it has not spread to other parts of your network (which could happen if all IT professionals were busy helping other employees). Assuming the issue does appear to begin within your server, once again this will likely require some type of remote support or hardware replacement . If you have multiple computers accessing one server another option would be to set up the server in a local network which is connected to a client computer.


If you have a desktop that will not turn on, try rebooting it first. If that does not fix the problem, then more than likely there’s an issue with either your power supply or motherboard . In cases of power issues it may be possible for us to provide remote IT support involving transferring files and data from one computer to another via removable storage devices such as USB flash drives or external hard drives . In cases of motherboard problems we can walk you through what type of replacement part(s) would be necessary so you can purchase them yourself and have IT professionals show you how to install them.


Printers are provided by companies so you can perform work from home, but sometimes they become a hassle. When a printer malfunctions it can cause distress and frustration for an individual who is in need of a working printer to complete their daily tasks. If you have a valid warranty on your printer it would be best to contact the company that manufactured the device so they can send out replacement parts or offer other solutions. If you do not have any warranty on your printer, don’t fret; we are able to remotely fix printers . We also provide IT support for fixing printing issues with devices such as scanning systems.

Issues that cannot be fixed by remote IT support

That’s right, there are certain issues that cannot be fixed by remote means. This can be frustrating for some people because they have no access to their own devices but do not need physical attention at all . Others who see this may find it worrisome or confusing and push strongly against on-site services even if they are unnecessary. Here are a few of the most common reasons why an issue is beyond our ability to fix remotely.

Let’s start with the most common and understandable case: hardware problems . While many issues can be fixed through remote access, anything related to your physical hardware will need further attention so that our support technicians have a place to directly connect their equipment to test out potential solutions. This may include keyboards, monitors, printers, mice or any other components of your computer. If it requires direct contact for testing purposes then on-site service is necessary.

This also means that software issues usually cannot be resolved over remote methods . For example if you’ve installed antivirus software yourself but are still getting warnings from other programs that it is not running correctly then this could mean one of two things. Either the installation did not complete properly (an unlikely event) or it is not compatible with other programs on your computer. These issues need to be resolved by a service technician (on-site) because they could lead to system problems if the issue isn’t corrected.

That’s why we recommend that hardware and software issues should both be worked on by our technicians as soon as possible . This ensures the highest level of performance and avoids potential issues that could arise from latent errors within your computer. Fortunately, we can resolve any issue whether it’s related to hard drives, motherboards, video cards or software. Just give us a call so we can help you maintain an optimal level of performance from your devices.

Other issues that cannot be fixed remotely

  1. Windows Update has failed to install an update and cannot continue.
  2. Some files or folders that you need are locked and cannot be accessed.
  3. Your computer does not boot properly and we were unable to fix it during the time you were out of commission.
  4. The problem with your device is too deeply embedded in the system for us to access remotely, such as a corrupt registry key or faulty hardware.

For these types of issues, we recommend calling our support line like normal but pushing for on-site service . This way we can work around any problems that may arise while fixing your issue and get you back up and running much faster than through remote means. We hope that this clarifies the issue for you!

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