What is Intel HD Graphics 520 Equivalent To?


The Intel HD Graphics 520 is equivalent to:

  • Radeon R7 240
  • Radeon HD 8470D
  • Mobility Radeon HD 4850
  • GeForce GT 635
  • GeForce GT 445M

What is the Intel HD Graphics 520?

The Intel Graphics HD 520 is the integrated Graphics part of the Intel core processors. It supports 4k resolution outputs and comes with a variety of decoding features.

The Intel HD 520 was announced in 2016, boasting a significant performance bump from its predecessor. With almost double the execution units at 24, it offers significantly faster performance for things such as image processing and rendering 3D images. In addition to this, you get full hardware acceleration for just about any modern video codec that’s out there, including VP9 which works in Chrome OS and Android powered devices or HEVC/H265 to save space on files without sacrificing quality too much. Unfortunately however, if your device doesn’t have a display that can support these higher resolutions then you’ll be limited to a maximum of 1920*1080 resolution.

Intel’s new Skylake processors have been out for a while now and they come with a number of substantial improvements over the older CPUs that powered a large number of devices in the past few years. With support that spans from low power 4 watt Y-series chips all the way up to that will provide you with serious amounts of performance at 65 watts, these processors offer an extremely broad range of options when it comes to choosing which one fits your needs best. If you’re buying anything less than possibly the i7-6660U (which is by no means lacking in terms of power), you’ll be able to make use of Intel Quick Sync technology for decoding files quickly or encoding them more rapidly.

Intel’s latest round of chips offer a lot  more than the usual minor specification bump and slightly improved performance over previous generations

However, what you might not know is that all U-series CPUs come with embedded Graphics processors. They’re called Iris Graphics on more powerful chips, but they’re still based off the same technology as the majority of integrated GPUs that have been shipping for a few years now. When buying an ultrabook or laptop with one of these new chips inside, you’ll probably be told it has Intel HD Graphics 520 – this is rather confusing given that Intel released their 5th Generation Core processors already in January 2015 under the name Broadwell. This is because all of those processors Intel HD Graphics 5300 installed by default, but higher-end processors also come with the new Intel HD Graphics 530.

The main change between these two GPUs is that the newer one has fourteen instead of twelve execution units (EUs): eight of which are dedicated for Graphics rendering and six that handle computing tasks (Intel calls this feature “Intel Graphics Processor” or GPGPU). On the other hand, the 5300 series GPU still runs at an 850MHz clock speed when in use while the newer version hits 1GHz. In practice, you’ll only see a difference when playing cutting-edge 3D games because most applications don’t go much beyond 2D drawing.

Because there’s no official naming scheme for Intel chipsets yet, we thought it’d be useful to compile a list of all the integrated GPUs that you can expect to find in some of Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake chips. We’ll include NVIDIA’s founders’ edition cards for comparison purposes, along with their traditional counterparts where available. The first batch is scheduled to launch on January 3, so if you’re planning to upgrade your rig with a new CPU or motherboard, be sure to check this out before taking the plunge.

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