Ultrawide monitors: Are they any good?


Are ultrawide monitors worth your money? For many years, dual screens have always been the best choice for serious gamers who want to build a detailed battle station at home. But they also have certain disadvantages such as the ugly thick bezels at the bottom edge. In this article, we will be comparing ultrawides vs dual screens to see which one really comes out on top. Let’s see what makes these two different screens so different from one another.


The main advantage of ultrawides is that it gives you more desktop space. It is impossible to fit a curved screen into a very small corner. But the difference is even greater when you can put the monitor on a desk that has no corner. The average size of a laptop nowadays is larger than 20 inches, and that’s why it looks awkward when the screen is placed on a curved desk space. You can however make use of special stands or mounts to place the screen properly.

Multitasking experience

Another advantage of ultrawides is that it can give you the ultimate multitasking experience. A single display is great for watching multiple projects on a PC while you work. However with a dual-screen monitor, you can’t do that because the display will block your view of the other displays. In some instances though, this disadvantage isn’t really a disadvantage because you can easily switch between multiple projects thanks to the wide vertical resolution offered by most ultrawides.

Are ultrawide monitors good for gaming?

Are ultrawide monitors good for gaming? The answer depends on how serious you are when playing computer games. If you are not a serious gamer, then an ordinary monitor will do. But if you are into computer games that involve quite a lot of calculations or a lot of clicking, then an ultra-wide monitor will be best for you. This is because it can provide you with excellent clear visuals, great viewing angles, and a high refresh rate for fast action sequences in video games.


Image credit: Marco Verch

Are ultrawide monitors good for office use?

Are ultrawide monitors good for home office use though? If you are running a home office, then yes, you should consider getting one. Having a large enough screen in your home office will allow you to keep track of your family members, clients, or other tasks that you need to do in order to run your home office smoothly. And having a fast refresh rate will allow you to finish office work on time and without spending extra time adjusting your viewing angle when you get home.

Are ultrawide monitors right for me?

If you want something with high performance, then the answer is probably yes. But you should also take a look at your budget before making the purchase. Although this type of display technology is relatively new, the prices have started to drop a little bit so you should be able to find some pretty good quality devices for a decent price. If you are working from a computer at home, then it would also be nice to add a second display to make your office work more convenient (for example, if you want to share presentations with a client).

What about picture quality?

As far as picture quality goes, it has actually gotten better over the past few years. The newest models have much higher DPI levels, which means your images will be clearer and sharper no matter what you are looking at. You can also get models with higher color resolution, which can help out if you are a graphic designer or even a painter. However, in most cases, you will still be happy with the average result that an ultrawide monitor provides.

Are ultrawide monitors good for my needs?

With all of the technology and the size, it is easy to see why someone may ask this question. When you are looking at various products, keep in mind that not all monitors will necessarily be the best fit for your work or personal computer. It can help to do some research on the different types and features that are available so you can make an informed decision.


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