UHQ Upscaler On Samsung Devices – What Does It Do?

UHQ Upscaler On Samsung Devices - What Does It Do

Struggling with the sound quality on your Samsung device? 

The Ultra High Quality (UHQ) Upscaler might be exactly what you need. This remarkable feature, exclusive to some Samsung devices, aims to enhance the audio resolution of your music and videos, making them sound exceptionally clearer.

What is UHQ Upscaler?

UHQ Upscaler is an innovative feature available on select Samsung devices, designed to significantly enhance the audio experience for users. It’s essentially a sophisticated audio processing technology that seamlessly enhances sound quality, taking your listening experiences to another level.

This dynamic tool improves the sound resolution of videos and music for vivid, immersive audio scapes. While it works most effectively with wired headphones, users without a standard headphone jack can still optimize this function through wired Type-C headphones or a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter.

With its proven proficiency in eliminating background noise and distortion from audio tracks, your consumption of digital media becomes even more enjoyable.

Benefits of UHQ Upscaler

Expanding the capability of your Samsung device, UHQ Upscaler provides an audio processing feature that elevates your sound experience. It focuses on improving the quality of sound resolution in videos and music by intelligently extracting high-frequency sounds that are lost during audio compression.

This technology offers a more immersive auditory environment for users.

In addition to enhancing overall sound resolution, it also contributes significantly towards noise reduction. By eliminating background distractions and distortions prevalent in audio tracks through Bit Upscaling, it fosters an improved listening environment with enhanced clarity.

When coupled with high-quality headphones like over-the-ear or active noise-canceling (ANC) ones, this outstanding feature allows you to enjoy high-fidelity audio by deriving maximum benefits from its advanced sound optimization capabilities.

A step-by-step guide to turning on UHQ Upscaler

 This feature, which may be greyed out on your device by default, can be activated by following these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that you’ve connected wired headphones to your Samsung device. It only works with such accessories due to its high-fidelity sound experience output.
  2. Navigate to ‘SETTINGS’ on your device. This is typically represented as a gear icon and can be found in the app drawer or on the home screen.
  3. Locate ‘SOUNDS AND VIBRATION’ and select it to see more options.
  4. Inside ‘SOUNDS AND VIBRATION’, find ‘SOUND QUALITY AND EFFECTS’. Tap this for further action.
  5. In ‘SOUND QUALITY AND EFFECTS’, you’ll see ‘UHQ Upscaler’. It might be greyed out if no wired audio accessory is connected, indicating it’s disabled by default.
  6. Connect wired headphones or use a USB – C to 3.5mm adapter with your Galaxy device if it doesn’t have a headphone jack, then revisit this menu to enable the UHQ Upscaler setting.
  7. Tap on the switch next to ‘UHQ Upscaler’ to turn it ON when headphones are plugged in. This ensures enhanced audio quality whenever a wired audio accessory is used.
  8. Choose between two upscaling options – Bit Upscaling for eliminating background noise and distortion or Bit and Bandwidth Upscaling for further improving bit depth and sample rate resulting in richer and clearer audio output.

Exploring Bit and Bandwidth Upscaling

Bit and bandwidth upscaling are two key features of the UHQ Upscaler on Samsung devices that enhance audio quality.

Bit Upscaling focuses on eliminating background noise and distortion in audio tracks, resulting in a cleaner and more refined sound.

On the other hand, bandwidth upscaling is an advanced option that improves the bit depth and sample rate of audio files. By optimizing these parameters, it brings greater clarity and depth to your music or videos, allowing for high-quality sound reproduction.

With these advanced audio processing techniques, it takes your listening experience to a whole new level by providing enhanced sound depth and optimizing the sample rate of your favorite tracks.

Maximizing its benefits

  1. Use wired headphones: By using a wired connection, you can optimize the audio quality and take full advantage of the technology.
  2. Utilize Type-C headphones: If your Samsung Galaxy device doesn’t have a headphone jack, don’t worry. You can still enjoy its benefits by using wired Type-C headphones. These headphones provide a seamless connection and ensure that you get the best sound experience possible.
  3. Consider using a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter: If you prefer using traditional wired pair of headphones with a standard 3.5mm connector, you can easily connect them to your Samsung device using a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. This adapter allows you to access this feature without compromising audio quality.
  4. Access UHQ Upscaler in settings: To enable the UHQ Upscaler feature on your Samsung device, go to SETTINGS > SOUNDS AND VIBRATION > SOUND QUALITY AND EFFECTS. From there, you can toggle on the UHQ Upscaler option and customize your audio settings.
  5. Automatic activation with headphones: Once you’ve enabled the UHQ Upscaler feature, it will automatically activate whenever you plug in your headphones. This ensures that you always get enhanced sound quality without needing to manually adjust any settings.
  6. Maximize Bit and Bandwidth Upscaling options: Within its settings, explore the different options available such as Bit and Bandwidth Upscaling. These options further enhance audio resolution and clarity by improving bit depth and sample rate.
  7. Experiment with different audio sources: Try listening to various types of audio content, including music, movies, and videos. UHQ Upscaler works its magic by processing the audio signals and delivering a richer and more detailed sound experience.

Why is the UHQ Upscaler greyed out on my Galaxy S?

There could be a few possible reasons for this inconvenience.

  1. Headphones not connected: The UHQ Upscaler feature is only available when headphones are plugged into your Galaxy S device. Make sure you have headphones connected before trying to enable UHQ Upscaler.
  2. Incompatible headphones: The impact of this feature is more noticeable when using high-quality headphones. If you’re using low-quality or incompatible headphones, the UHQ Upscaler option may be greyed out. Consider upgrading to compatible headphones for optimal sound quality.
  3. Device maintenance settings: Some users have reported that switching to the Entertainment performance mode in device maintenance settings enabled the UHQ Upscaler feature on their Galaxy S8 devices. Give this a try and see if it resolves the issue.
  4. Software update: Ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S device is running on the latest software update. Sometimes, an outdated software version can cause features like UHQ Upscaler to be greyed out.
  5. Compatibility issues with older models: Please note that if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the UHQ Upscaler feature is no longer available after a recent upgrade. Users with these devices will not be able to utilize this feature.

The Compatibility of UHQ Upscaler with Bluetooth

Does it work with Bluetooth devices?

The UHQ Upscaler feature on Samsung Galaxy phones is designed specifically for wired headphones and does not work with Bluetooth devices. This means that if you want to take full advantage of the audio enhancement capabilities, you will need to use wired headphones or connect your Bluetooth headphones through a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter.

So, if you’re looking to maximize your audio enjoyment on your Samsung device, be sure to plug in those wired headphones.


In conclusion, the UHQ Upscaler feature on Samsung devices is a game-changer for audio enthusiasts. With its ability to enhance sound quality and provide a better listening experience, it takes music and video enjoyment to new heights.

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