Top 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Laptop


Laptops are the absolute best, and it’s not hard to see why! It’s a great productivity and entertainment tool to take on the go, and it offers so many benefits for business and personal use. What makes them even better is that they are just so versatile. They come in many sizes, a few with touch screens, and have long-lasting batteries so you can be productive all day long and enjoy your video game marathon in bed. But what happens when you’re done with your laptop? It’s going to end up in a landfill or the back of a drawer, that’s what! So, take it from the experts and know that there are plenty of ways to repurpose your old laptop, from converting it into a compact, GUI-powered Wi-Fi hotspot to an efficient and silent server. Enlisted are five ways you’ll be able to transform your old laptop into something new, so your old laptop doesn’t just get discarded and forgotten.

That being said, Apple laptop users may have another idea – Yes! Apple computers cost a lot more and some won’t agree to just ‘repurposing’ them. Our techies offer Mac repairs in Melbourne – so give them a ring before you repurpose your iMac, MacBook or MacBook Air.

So how do you repurpose your old laptop?

1. Upgrade Your Old Laptop to Make It Work Again

Let’s start with the obvious: whether you just want to turn it into an extra computer or repurpose it into something awesome, you’ll probably need it to run, which some old laptops don’t exactly do well. So the first order of business is to make it run well again. You may have to fix its broken parts or clean out the inside, and you’ll almost definitely have to do some software cleanup. If it still doesn’t run fast enough for your needs, you might try a more lightweight operating system, like Ubuntu or Chromium OS. Don’t worry if you can’t accomplish all these steps, though—almost any laptop can be repurposed into something, no matter how old or broken down it maybe, we can do this for you. Get in touch with us.

2. Create an Efficient Wi-Fi Hotspot

Have an old laptop collecting dust? Why not turn it into a compact and efficient Wi-Fi hotspot to share your internet connection with your friends and family? Just connect your old laptop to the available internet connection (Broadband or Wi-Fi) and then set up an ad-hoc network with your network and settings panel and for the final step, make this network visible to all. That’s it! You’re done. Now your friends and family can connect to your ad-hoc network and use the internet connection with their devices.

3. Create A Powerful & Efficient Silent Server for Pet Projects

If you’re an active person or a simple developer, you’ll have so many pet projects that you can never finish. The most important thing you need when starting a project is a powerful and efficient server. So, why not use your old laptop to create such a server? Just install Windows Server or any of your favorite Linux flavor, install other necessary server stack apps including MySQL, PHP, and Apache/Nginx, make your server visible to the public and you’re all set. No more worries about CPU usage and disk space and no more paying $40 per month for a 2GB web server. Not only are you saving your money, but you’ll be saving the environment and creating one less electronic device.

4. Reuse Usable Parts

System components like RAM, Storage, DVD drive, etc., are often usable, depending on the age of your laptop. So, why not reuse them? The RAM and the hard drive are the most commonly reused parts and “may” be used in other laptops and electronics. Although, you’ll need to do some research on how much your particular model is worth and also need to ensure that it is compatible with the new device. But overall, it’s a great way to put your laptop to use and save some bucks while still contributing for the greater good of the environment.


5. Sell It On eBay

The last option is to sell it on eBay. If you don’t have any need for it anymore, there’s a good chance someone else will. Just make sure you’re honest about its condition. And since you’ll be the one handling shipping, you can always just make a profit.


As you can see, there are many ways you can repurpose your old laptop to create new devices or make some good profit. So, repurposing an old laptop is a really great idea. It’s better than just throwing it away in the trash. So, the next time you find yourself discarding your old laptop, think about all the other uses it can have, and hopefully, these five ways will inspire you.

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