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    Looking for home or office computer repairs in Melbourne? Look no further!

    Fortunately, most occurring PC issues can be fixed. These problems can be troubleshot by a Melbourne technician who can bring your PC back to better working order. We also do laptop repairs!

    Call us to know more about these problems and how our experts can help with your home or office setup so that you do not have to invest in new systems. Get someone professional for a onsite computer repair service today & computer support! Call us today! We are available 7 days a week for service. Look at our customer reviews!

    Frequent computer problems we have come across and fixed:

    Here are the most frequently occurring complaints of homeowners requesting our support services in Melbourne 7 days a week.

    1. Freezing of the PC

    At times, when you are simultaneously working on multiple applications on your PC in Melbourne, you may notice that the device stops responding. The mouse pointer does not move, or the keypads do not work, and nothing changes on the monitor. This condition is known as the freeing of the PC. This is when you need to call our company for the best computer repairs.

    When this happens, sometimes a reboot may work otherwise a repair or service maybe required. Absence of surge protected power boards may cause damage.

    2. Slow Performance

    Computers are supposed to execute tasks fast, and with technological advances, the most recent versions of operating systems come with incredibly high processing speed. They are equipped to handle multiple heavy applications quickly and efficiently without breaking down requring repairs.

    But even after investing in such high-power processors, if you notice that it’s taking ages for your PC to perform basic tasks, such as closing a window or switching between applications should be diagnosed requring computer repair services and support.

    Malware have also been known to slow down a PC’s processing power.

    3. Blue Screen of Death

    Time and again it is instructed for anyone who works on a Windows 10/11 PC in Melbourne to save their work regularly. One of the reasons behind this advice is that you could end up losing all your unsaved files if the BSOD suddenly appears.

    Sometimes, Windows 11/10 BSODs are caused by drivers or software running in the OS kernel and require Melbourne computer repairs or tech support to fix or service.

    4. Low Resolution

    Although running some specific applications such as video games may require you to change the resolutions, for general use your monitor should be set to a specific resolution for optimal performance.

    When that does not happen, you may notice your desktop icons out of shape or cut off. Even when you open a notepad editor to type something, the text might be truncated and your entire notes might not be visible.

    At this stage, it’s best to get in touch with our IT support  – give us a call or fill out the enquiry form as we provide the finest service for your home or office business.

    We also do:

    • Fix or replace broken hardware
    • Configure backups
    • Fix slow computers
    • Device won’t boot up / turn on
    • Oveaheating and service
    • Fix ‘Boot Device Not Found’ issues
    • Remove viruses, trojans, spyware and malware
    • Recover lost or deleted data
    • Set up a new computers
    • Windows 10/11 upgrades and installation

    Brands we work with:

    • HP
    • Lenovo
    • Dell
    • Asus
    • Acer
    • MSI
    • ..and more!

    Why get my computer repaired by you?

    We’re a Melbourne based company and has dedicated onsite PC support and friendly service personnel who are always ready to help you. As many of the common issues arise from the presence of malware, our virus removal skill ensures they run a thorough check on your system using  tools to eradicate even the last trace of malware affecting home users and requiring further computer problems. Our customer reviews speaks for itself. We have an average rating of 5/5.

    If the problem lies with your system’s hardware or to recover lost data, we have you covered there as well. We do quality computer repairs and support in Melbourne.


    In situations where your PC is running fine, but there is trouble with your network setup, our tech will assess the situation and troubleshoot WiFi networks such as slow connections, WiFi dead spots, and so on. We even help you set up new network connections in your Melbourne home office so that you can get your business up and running as soon as possible. Get in touch with us for computer repairs and support.

    Having issues installing Microsoft Office 2013/2016/2019? Getting an error code while installing or uninstalling Office?

    Need data recovery and data backup service? Apart from affordable repairs in Melbourne, we also offer data backup service and solutions.

    Our group of technicians takes pride in always being on time and providing quality services to Melbourne home offices. We will give you with an honest assessment of your computer problems. With us, you can rest assured that you will not have to pay extravagant repair, data recovery or replacement amounts for services and technical support for your home. We excel at same day service and repairs in Melbourne.

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    Technical glitches are best handled quickly, especially if your business depends on the solution. No matter what issues you are experiencing with your home computers in Melbourne, give us a call and we will send a Melbourne computer technician to tend to you. Trust us to repair laptops or tend to your computer repair services and make it as good as new so that you can get the maximum life out of your system. We are computer repair service gurus specializing in internet security as well. We offer data recovery solutions apart from computer repairs and support.

    What separates us from the rest out there?

    We are a Melbourne company and has long been known for its impeccable customer service and IT support services. Our experience in Melbourne computer repairs and support speaks for itself – check out our brilliant 5 star customer reviews! Give us a call 7 days a week!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to fix my computer?

    Most repairs start at $100, but it’s hard to give a cost without our Melbourne computer technicians investigating the issue. To know more about specific job costs such as an SSD upgrade or a Windows 11/10 upgrade, speak to our technicians.

    Is it worth fixing an old computer?

    Absolutely! Certain upgrades such as a boost in RAM or an SSD upgrade will breathe a new life into your old device.

    Is it worth replacing a hard drive?

    Yes, definitely! Most HDDs are replaced with SSDs these days to give that extra performance.

    1. The latest Intel Core i5 or i7
    2. An SSD especially ones from Samsung.
    3. A high performance RAM especially ones from Corsair.

    What we guarantee

    No obligation onsite quotes

    We are happy to come to your home or business in Melbourne and quote you on the spot for our services. That is our promise. We provide a 1-year warranty for most of our repairs.

    No Fix - No Fee

    We will never charge you if we cannot fix your laptop. We will never charge you more than the quoted price. That is our guarantee.

    Always On Time

    We will come to your home or business in any suburb of Melbourne at a time convenient to you

    What makes us so unique?

    Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal. Guaranteed work because there is no one better! Please call us today for our services or for more information. We excel at computer repairs and software setup!

    Computer Engineers by Profession
    More 15 years of experience in the field
    High quality work at an affordable price


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