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If you came here looking for a PC builder in Melbourne to create a custom personal computer for yourself, your friends, or perhaps a family member then you’ve come to the right place.

You can also discuss with us where you want your PC to take you: games? video editing? graphic design? Or maybe all three? Although this is often determined by your budget, it should be noted that if you are interested in doing multiple things, you may want to consider buying a PC that can do all of them well.

When you purchase your components separately, you will get the best value for the price, but it is hard work building everything together. Purchasing a pre-built computer is much quicker and easier but oftentimes, they are far behind in terms of power. Therefore, it’s important to figure out what your needs are before making any purchasing decisions.

What to look for when choosing a PC builder

What is your budget?

This may seem like an obvious question, but it is the first thing you need to know before you start looking for a PC builder. If you can’t afford anything too high-end, you will be limited by how much money you have to spend on your new computer. However, if your budget is quite large, then you can go wild and get top-of-the-line parts.

How powerful do you want/need your PC to be?

Are you interested in playing games at max settings or are medium graphics good enough for what you intend on doing with the computer? Are intensive video editing programs important to you? Do they require a lot of power behind them? If so, then purchasing separate components would be the way to go. By getting parts separately, you can build a computer with exactly what you need and nothing else. However, if you only want the PC as a means of browsing the Internet and watching videos such as on YouTube, then integrated graphics would be enough for those purposes. Integrated graphics are installed directly onto the motherboard and do not require separate video cards.

How to find the right PC builder for your needs?

There are many different computer companies all around the world and they all claim to be able to build you a PC better than any other company. When choosing a company, it is important to make sure that the one you choose suits your needs and is not too expensive for what you receive.

  • First of all, we will start with our budget; this basically means how much money we have available to spend on the PC. Usually when buying a custom-built PC from most companies, there will be an option to customize certain aspects such as hardware and software in order to tailor the PC more towards your preferences. This can come at an extra cost but may be worth it if you know exactly what you want and need in a PC. The other option is to simply buy the pre-built PC at its optimum settings, which may work for some but cannot offer the same customizability as allowing the company to build it themselves.
  • Next comes your preferred setup; do you want a desktop computer or maybe even a laptop? All of our PCs are customizable but you can get them fitted with certain features that might not be possible in others. For example, if you are wanting an ultra-portable laptop then we would recommend looking into ones that have an SSD storage drive rather than HDD because they are much faster and more reliable. Or if you would only like to use your PC for gaming purposes then finding one with a performance graphic card might be better suited.
  • When looking for a PC builder to purchase from it’s important that you ask some key questions before proceeding with any possible deal. When purchasing from an individual, ask yourself if they actually know what they’re talking about and have enough expertise in this field to trust them with your requirements. If buying directly from a company then it’s important that you research them to find out where they’re located, how long ago they were established, and try to find reviews online. Also, make sure that their warranty is valid for the product you intend on purchasing or even better – applicable worldwide (no point having a warranty if repairs are going to be a nightmare).
  • Remember that this is not necessarily an expensive service! There are many professional builders who work on a budget and may even be willing to cut down on bells and whistles in order to lower costs, while still delivering an excellent build. Even if it does end up costing more, you’re guaranteed of getting what you paid for – no compromises or disappointments.
  • Look for reviews online in Melbourne; see what others are saying about their services and check out some of their clients’ builds. The more expensive the company, the better quality their customer service and products should be. Customer service is something that a lot of people overlook but it can make all the difference when you’re a first-time PC builder or trying to figure out if your PC is going to work properly before buying it.
  • Look for discounters on various hardware components; they often have competitive prices on products as well as free shipping. Prices of discounters are usually more expensive than buying from a brick and mortar store but they’re less expensive than retail. Buying from a discounter is great if you have the money to spare for it, or if you can hold off on making your purchase until a sale pops up – just make sure to check their return policy before committing!
  • Look for any additional value-adds that a PC builder offers beyond just providing hardware/parts. This could be things like technical support, warranty extensions after yours runs out, diagnostic software to test your new rig’s stability, discounts on future parts purchases with them etc. These sorts of services will all come together to help build your trust in the builder’s quality of service, so look for them when comparing PC builders.


The benefits of using a PC builder

Computer builders are companies that sell parts to people who want to build their own PC. They are better for selling parts rather than an entire computer because prices are cheaper when you buy components separately. They also specialize in CPUs, motherboards, graphics cards, and RAM which gives them the ability to give the best advice.

  • One benefit of using a PC builder is you can personalize your build with different options for each part. An example would be if someone wanted to have an SSD drive instead of HDD because they’re faster and more reliable. Another benefit is you can choose what kind of monitor goes with your purchase which means you don’t necessarily need to buy one at all. Lastly after buying your product it can be shipped directly to your house.
  • One of the biggest reasons why people use PC builders is because buying parts separately allows for customization which some believe gives them a better gaming experience compared to pre builds. Pre-built computers are generally only good enough for someone who doesn’t edit videos or do any kind of detailed work on their computer, but if you’re looking at getting into video editing then it might be worth the investment into one that’s built with components that are capable of being upgraded in the future. You can also get higher quality hardware when you buy all of your parts separately, so you know everything will be compatible and able to handle even the most intensive games.
  • Not everyone has time to buy parts online and wait for them to arrive before you can start building. Even if you do have the patience, it’s very easy to make a mistake when you’re assembling everything and end up having to buy extra parts because of this. It would be a waste of money as well as time, so if you want your computer built quickly and efficiently then look into hiring someone who specializes in building PCs for people.

Key question to consider

If you’re looking to build a more-than-capable gaming rig or video editing workstation, then AMD’s Ryzen series of processors is likely what you’ll want to base your search around. If you’re not planning on overclocking or undertaking intensive tasks like video editing or 3D modeling/rendering, however, then Intel’s mid-range offerings are usually more than enough.

Major brands we work with

ASUS, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Alienware, Toshiba and Acer.

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