Mac vs. PC: 5 Reasons PCs are Better than Macs


In a world where the choices are vast and ever-changing, we all want to feel like we’re making the right decision. So when it comes to PCs and Macs, the question can be tricky. What is the best computer option? After all, both PC and Mac offer different features, strengths, and weaknesses. However, we can confidently say that PCs have more to offer than Macs. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll present to you five reasons why PCs are better than Macs.

1. Cost-Effective:

A PC is an ideal choice for most business users and even for personal usage since it gives you more flexibility when choosing hardware. Being a mainstream computing platform, PCs, unlike Macs, are not designed, manufactured, and services (basically monopolized) by just one brand. In other words, you can get a PC with different hardware combinations from multiple brands. This drives the competition to keep prices down, and you also get better performance because of that.

2. Expandable:

One of the biggest advantages of a PC is the opportunity to expand it by upgrading your system. Upgrading is important if you want to always get the latest hardware that not only more capable and performant but also more energy-efficient. If you have a PC, you can always update the hardware and run newer software at no additional cost. By contrast, Macs usually come with sealed canisters that leave no room for upgrading. You can use some third-party services to get the hardware configuration you need, but that is never a cheap process.

3. Better for Gamers:

Modern games demand modern hardware to play at their best. Boasting true-to-life graphics with some of the most mind-blowing AI capabilities, today’s games can be a challenge even for high-end systems. They require the fastest storage, beefy RAM, and not to forget: powerful GPU along with capable CPU. And there’s only one system that can deliver all that: a PC. Macs, though they can deliver impressive results, can never come close to what a PC can do – not to mention the attached price tag.

4. You Choose Your Operating System:

PC is about freedom; it’s about choice. As a PC user, you have the opportunity to choose what OS you want, like Windows 10 or Linux distribution. You have the freedom to choose between different PC software (Microsoft Office or OpenOffice suite of programs) along with the ability to install, uninstall, run and update programs and software of your choice. With Macs, however, it is a much more restrictive environment.

5. Cheap Support:

PCs are cheaper to buy and support compared to Macs. Being an open platform, a PC can be repaired, upgraded, and maintained using third-party services or even built by your own hands. Macs are sealed; they can’t be repaired by anyone but Apple. Thus, for years Macs have been notorious for their difficulty in repairing and keeping up with the latest technology. It is not unusual to see Macs with a 10-year old OS that runs only basic software. A PC, on the other hand, will keep you updated on all new updates.


So which platform is best for you? We believe it’s the question of your choice that counts. If you’re the adventurous type, you can go for a PC; if you are a gamer, you can for a PC, if you’re an Apple fan, you can go for a Mac.

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