Is it good to buy a refurbished computer?


We always get asked ‘Is it good to buy a refurbished computer?’ I’ll explain in detail…

Computers, laptops and all kinds of different devices are expensive.

They break so often that if you buy a computer for $1000 and you could be spending another $100 on repairs within the first year. Buying these products new also means getting the warranty which costs money as well. When I bought my laptop it broke after three months and I was told by the company to pay an additional fee if I wanted to get it fixed or receive a new one. That is why people usually prefer refurbished computers .

What are refurbished computers?

A refurbished computer is a laptop or a desktop that has been used before and returned to the store. The person who bought the product might have decided they didn’t want it or got a new one instead. If this happens then stores usually will sell these products as refurbished because they cannot be sold as new anymore. So, instead of paying $2000 for a computer, you can get the same thing for $1000 and at times it may even be cheaper.

Whenever a computer or any electronic device is returned, all of its data is cleared completely because it needs to be sold again.

Pros of refurbished computers

1. You’re in luck if you’re covered

First of all, if you will be able to get a warranty with it which is massive if something happens within the first year or two. This also opens up the door for people who don’t know much when it comes to computers because there’s someone they can call whenever needed and since this particular industry isn’t always the cheapest, paying less than what you should save you quite a bit in that case. It also helps that these refurbished items look somewhat new.

2. Price

One of the biggest advantages about buying refurbished computers online is that you can find them way cheaper than you would if you were to buy them offline.

Most people who shop in stores like Officeworks are used to finding pretty expensive products but when it comes to refurbished items, the prices become very affordable which might end up putting a smile on your face once you see how much money you haven’t wasted for anything.

There are numerous reasons why people choose to buy refurbished products instead of buying an entirely new model. Those who have limited funds and need a computer, but can’t afford to pay full price for it may find that buying refurbished is their best option. Also, those who don’t want multiple devices might choose to buy one refurbished so they won’t need any other ones.

3. You could save hundreds

As long as you do your research about the computer model that you want to buy, avoid rushing into anything and try avoiding very small stores which might sell bad quality refurbished products then there shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever – in fact, you could save hundreds if not a thousand on relatively good deals out there.

4. Several options out there

More often than not, when customers decide to order these kinds of products online, what they are looking for is a computer that can be used both at home and office to get their everyday tasks done without taking too much of the processing power or being too slow.

5. A device that does the job

If you’re one of these people, buying refurbished might just be your best bet since it will perform the same but without all the extra bells-and-whistles which would have forced you to pay more money.

6. Save on free shipping

Most of the time these types of computers come with free shipping and they will arrive at your doorstep within 2-3 days maximum so this is something worth trying out at least once in case you’ve never done it before.


Cons of buying refurbished computers

1. Reliability

Remember, refurbished computers are not as reliable as new ones because they don’t come with the same warranty as new computers or guarantee that they’ll last long enough for you to use them. If your refurbished computer doesn’t work well, instead of wasting time sending it back and forth from a store, you can just buy a new computer without having to spend extra cash on it.

2. Choice

Another reason why buying a refurbished computer isn’t such a good idea is because it’s often hard to find your model of computer when it comes refurbished. In other words, if there aren’t many companies selling refurbished computers of your specific model, then you might have trouble finding one. This can be inconvenient for anyone who needs their computer quickly or just wants a simple way to buy a replacement without doing too much research.

3. Limited Warranty

Another reason not to buy a refurbished computer is because of the limited warranty – most likely it would only have a manufacturers warranty which will not cover very much and if something goes wrong you will have to pay for all the repairs which means losing money as well as owning an unreliable system. In addition, buying a refurbished computer from some unknown company might even mean that your purchase is not legitimate and it could be illegal or illegitimate which will result in more problems down the line. However, those who know what they are looking for can purchase a used machine with a great warranty and save a lot of money without too much hassle at all.

4. Risk of repairs in the future

Another reason for this is because many people sell these products as ‘refurbished’ when in fact they’re just used – which puts them at an even greater risk of malfunctioning and repairs in the future. Buying a refurbished computer comes with the fact that you won’t know anything about its previous owner(s). As mentioned before, this means that the product will not function properly because it was used roughly and it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a refurbished computer online or offline.

The worst-case scenario with refurbished items is that there will always be that one person who got a bad unit and either has to put up with it or return it for another one but at the same time, someone else will get an item in such great shape they’ll feel like they robbed the store blind. So do your research before you go out and spend on a refurbished computer.

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If you are still unsure about the decision, why not get in touch with a computer technician in Melbourne for a free advice.

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