Importance of servicing your computer in Melbourne


Today, in the 21st century, life without a computer is unthinkable, for both individuals and businesses.

Why is it necessary to service computers?

After purchasing a PC and installing the operating system , a computer should be serviced every few months or so to prevent the risk of a failure. This is necessary to avoid any unexpected computer repairs in Melbourne.

A computer’s life can be extended by maintaining and inspecting its hardware and software on a frequent basis. This in turn reduces the chance of failures and hence data loss which lead to expensive computer repairs.

What are regular computer services offered by Computer Technicians:

  • preventative screening of desktops or laptops
  • testing of hardware components
  • replacement and installation of defective hardware
  • periodically clean the inside of your computer
  • temperature control and prevention of CPU overheating
  • installation of programs and other software as desired by the user
  • regular backup of all relevant data in case the PC is taken away for computer repairs
  • regular cleaning of viruses and unnecessary and harmful files
  • expert advice and recommendations on upgrading computers
  • urgent resolution of any sudden problems

1. Preventive computer maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a set of planned activities for the timely detection of causes of failures or possible deficiencies in the initial phase. This is crucial to avoid expensive and avoidable Melbourne computer repairs.

2. Software installation for computers

Installation of the operating system is done if the previous operating system is damaged, the computer slows down, or if you purchased a computer without an operating system. The operating system is the basis of every computer and it must match the characteristics of the machine it is installed on. This is an essential part of Melbourne computer repairs.

Over time, the operating system may be damaged by a virus, or a hardware problem, and then needs to be reinstalled.

Operating system installation involves:

  1. Transferring data to an external hard drive
  2. Installation of the operating system
  3. Installing the necessary drivers
  4. Installing software packages
  5. Optimize the system and restore the saved data to the appropriate partition

3. Upgrading computers

Computer services gives you the ability to upgrade your current configuration, seek advice if you are not sure what is not good enough in your current configuration and what should be restored to your computer. You can install the components that you have purchased yourself, or seek the help of qualified personnel to install components that are compatible with your computer. Instead of taking the PC away for computer repairs,  we can replace your defected components.

It often happens that a program or game (most often) requires a bit more resources than any software you have used so far. If this happens, a computer upgrade is required.

Upgrading your computer involves assessing your current status to achieve the desired result with as little upgrade cost as possible, purchasing the parts that are appropriate for the assessment, installing those parts, and ultimately installing the operating system of your choice according to the performance of your computer. We’re Melbourne computer repair experts. We’re available 7 days a week. So call us any time that is convenient to you.

4. Rescue of deleted (lost) and backup data

The hard disk drive is the component that is most sensitive to voltage fluctuations on the computer. Bad power surges or a bad set of capacitors on the controller on the system board itself can cause errors and malfunctions on your hard drive, causing data to erase and lose entire partitions. This is a part of our data recovery process.

And there is also the possibility that you deleted, by mistake or inadvertence, something really important. If your lost data is really important or for some other reason, computer services will do everything to make your data available again. Our data recovery experts will be able to recover all data. Data recovery is no simple job and it takes a lot of processing power and time!

Professionals working in computer services will read all the data and restore it from the hard drive, backup it to another hard drive or DVDs and try, if possible, to repair and recover your hard drive. If the repair is successful, all the extracted data will be returned to your hard drive and you will also be given a backup made during the intervention to have the data in case of failure.

Data recovery must be performed in a clear closed room. Give us a call on 0431 471 440. We’re available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. We offer same day service to south-eastern suburbs in Melbourne. Our computer support specialists are ready to help you at anytime.

5. Prevent computer component failure from unstable power 

The power supplies serve to transform the 220-volt mains voltage into the voltage required by the computer components, which requires only a few volts. What is required for each power supply unit is a cooling fan. The fan is exposed to dust and other particulates, which can cause the fan to slow down, reduce cooling, and often cause the unit to burn out. Also, the power of the power supply is very important, as the number of components on the computer grows, so does the need for more power to the power supply.

Some basic power-related issues are:

— power outage,

— voltage drop below the permitted value,

— voltage surges and peaks and more.

Prevention that eliminates any possibility of these problems is the use of one of the following devices:

— backup power and uninterruptible power supply,

— voltage stabilizers,

— surge arresters, etc.

6. Prevent computer component failure from overheating

Each electrical device has defects in its construction, as do the electronic components of a computer, converting most of the energy it consumes into heat energy, which can lead to damage. One of the basic problems that need to be addressed when designing computer components is to provide heat dissipation to ensure heat is dissipated from them at the same rate that they are generated.

Most computers use air-cooling methods to cool their internal parts. With air cooling, the movement of air draws heat away from the device.

The computer has multiple fans, most of which are combined with heat sinks, one is built into the power supply unit, the other is for space cooling, the third is for graphics card cooling, the fourth is for chipset cooling, the fifth is for hard drive cooling…

Fans provide airflow inside the computer. When designing a fan, manufacturers must take into account their cooling power as well as the noise they generate when operating. Manufacturers incorporate sensors that measure the temperature of processors, motherboards, and even air in the cabinet, as well as the individual fan speeds and operating voltage.

Using a special program, which comes with the system board, it is possible to monitor the thermal state, as well as adjust the alarm if the temperature reaches the upper limit. In this case, an acoustic signal sounds, and if the temperature does not fall below the upper limit after a few minutes, the computer will shut itself down without damage.

computer 7. Impact of dust on the performance of computer components

Dust is deposited on the printed circuit boards, and after a while, thermal insulation is created which is undesirable on all components of the computer. Dust builds up in connectors, increases electrical resistance and reduces their reliability, and also corrodes the surface of contacts on the computer. It is collected at the inlet openings of the enclosure, on the fan blades and among the fins of the radiator, which all together reduce the cooling efficiency of the system.

Dust causes the fan to stop running due to the physical inability to rotate the wings. This leads to the components to overheat, which causes the system to block and eventually cause the components to fail. All this points to the importance of periodic preventative cleaning of all computer components from dust. This period should be at least once a year if the computer is running continuously during the day and in poor conditions, cleaning should be done more frequently (every 3 months). Before cleaning, make sure your computer is off.

8. Motherboard — the most common failures and servicing

The motherboard is the central element of the computer, which interconnects all other elements.

It consists of a single multilayer printed circuit board on which many electronic and electromechanical elements are soldered. Electrical connections between the elements on the system board are made by thinner or thicker copper lines and surfaces. Some elements on the board allow the connection of other elements of the computer, such as various connectors, slots, needle slots, etc.

Other elements such as integrated circuits and other electronic components (capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors, and coils) provide the generation and transmission of the necessary electrical signals necessary for the operation of the computer.

Motherboards are relatively wooded components of modern computers and rarely break down. Due to the technology of their production, there is little opportunity to repair a defective motherboard. Even so, some failures can be remedied.

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