Hp Envy X360 Won’t Turn On

Hp Envy X360 Won't Turn On

Last week we had a client whose HP Even X360 wasn’t turning on – all we needed to do is to replace his RAM and voila!

But yours could be a different issue.

Let’s discuss some possible causes of why your HP Envy x360 might not be turning on and how you can fix them.

Causes & Tips

  1. Firstly, check that the laptop is plugged in properly and securely with its power adapter.
  2. If the connection seems secure, try checking if any lights are illuminated on either the laptop itself or its charger when attempting to switch it on – these are indicators as to whether there is power to your laptop.
  3. If no lights appear on either component, then you may have an issue with your charger itself; consider trying another one before proceeding further down this troubleshooting path.

If all connections seem fine and you still cannot get your computer going, take out its battery and inspect it for signs of swelling or damage which could indicate liquid exposure or overheating – both potential causes of failure within electronics.

It could also be worth replacing your battery entirely if none of these symptoms show themselves but there’s still no luck in powering up; batteries wear out over time so investing in a new one might do the trick!

Finally, you may have a damaged motherboard caused by electrical surges due to storms or accidental spills onto some internal components.

It may be worthwhile having your laptop professionally fixed by a technician like us!.

Reset the CMOS

  1. Press the F6 + Power Button
  2. Press and hold the combination of windows button and letter ‘V’ then push the power button once and release the windows and letter ‘V’ after 5secs.

Could I have a faulty battery?

Faulty batteries can be a major cause of an HP Envy X360 not turning on.

This is especially true if the laptop has been in use for a while, as battery problems can worsen over time.

Replacing the battery is relatively straightforward; however, it does require some technical knowledge and caution to do so safely.

It’s important you follow manufacturer instructions carefully when doing so, or seek professional (like us!) help if necessary.

The battery is new, what else could be the issue?

If your laptop won’t turn on despite having a new battery installed, then there could still be another issue at play – such as with the power supply unit (PSU) itself.

To check this you’ll need to inspect both parts of the PSU (the wall socket and cable), before ruling out any hardware components inside the laptop itself.

If your Hp Envy X360 laptop is still reluctant to turn on, read on..

Replace the RAM (Random Access Memory)

If your laptop still doesn’t turn on – your RAM (Random Access Memory) needs to be replaced!

You must first purchase new compatible RAM sticks from an approved vendor such as Crucial or Kingston before attempting to install them yourself.

If you’re unable to do so then seek help from a qualified technician who has experience with replacing laptop components safely and securely.

It’s worth noting here that some laptops require a specific type of RAM module which might not be available everywhere – so check for compatibility before purchasing any replacement modules.

Boot sector needs to be repaired

A boot sector is part of your computer’s hard drive that contains information about how the operating system should start up.

When a computer fails to start properly, it could be because the boot sector has become corrupted or damaged.

Luckily, fixing a damaged boot sector isn’t as difficult as you might think.

All you need is an external hard drive (or USB flash drive) with enough space for the backup files needed for repair–we recommend at least 8GB of storage space–and access to another computer with an internet connection (to download the necessary tools).

Then, just follow these simple steps: 

1. Download and install HP Recovery Disc Creator onto the other computer with an internet connection;  

2. Connect the external hard drive or USB flash drive;

3. Run HP Recovery Disc Creator on the external hard drive;

4. Insert the newly-created recovery disc into your HP Envy X360;

5. Restart your machine and follow the instructions on-screen;

6. Once complete, restart your machine again and check that everything is working correctly before shutting it down again.

7. Disconnect your external hard drive/USB stick from both computers and store it in a safe place for future use if needed.

Precautionary Tips

Before attempting any repairs or troubleshooting, it’s important to ensure you’re working with a completely powered-down system.

If this is not done properly before reconnecting the battery and plugging in the AC adapter, you could run into serious problems down the line. Here are four key points to keep in mind when performing these tasks:

* Make sure all power sources (battery, charger) are disconnected from the computer before starting any repair work

* Unplug all peripherals such as USB devices, external drives, etc., before beginning any repair process

* Gently remove the battery if necessary – avoid forcing it out or trying to pry open clips

* When reinserting the battery, follow manufacturer instructions carefully – improper installation can cause damage to both hardware and software components.

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