How to use Skype [Updated 2021]


What is Skype?

Skype is a free Internet phone service that lets you make calls to people all over the world. Calls through Skype are free if they’re from computer to computer, but calling any old phone – for instance, a regular phone – costs money. You can sign up online and download Skype on your computer or cellphone. Skype is a free service that lets you call, IM, or video chat with anyone else on Skype worldwide for free. You’ll need a computer or mobile device with internet access to use Skype; once installed, simply log into your account then start instant messaging, voice calling, or video chatting with friends, family, and fellow Skypers around the world. Skype-to-Skype calling is available anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection (and even without an internet connection). Rest assured though — Skype doesn’t offer backdoors to law enforcement agencies — everything you say over Skype is private unless you explicitly choose to share it with someone else.

Skype has many features include text messaging and video chats, so Skype is more than just a simple voice chat or phone call service. skype also provides ‘purchase calls’ for users who do not have credit on their account but need to make a cheap international call to someone who does not have skype credit either. Once you’ve downloaded the program from the official site, you can add money to your account in multiple ways including major credit cards and PayPal.

Secondly, you need to know what skype is and how it works. Skype uses VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol which allows you to talk with someone using a microphone and speakers, video chat with your webcam on, or send them instant messages without having to pay for calling fees. Of course, there are some restrictions of free use on the computer version, but the mobile app has more call features available for no extra charge!

Some of the great features of skype are conversion calls, phone number transfer, friends list management, user moderation tools, file sharing capabilities (8GB per file), text/voice/video messaging options, social media integration (and private chat), group chats with up to 100 people one time only. If that’s not enough, a skype pro account is available for serious business needs.

Skype used to be proprietary software before Microsoft bought them out in 2011 but now, their servers have been opened so anyone can make their own clients. Despite this, Skype still recommends that you use the official client if you want to receive all updates and bug fixes.

Is Skype Free for Use?

Skype is free for most use. If you want to place calls to regular phones, however, you need a Skype Credit or calling subscription, which start at $2.99/month (U.S.) per month. For businesses that make many calls every month, there are different high-volume plans with additional options available (for an added monthly fee). High volume subscriptions include the Professional Subscription ($8.33), Advanced Subscription ($16.66) and Pro Plus Subscription ($24.99). Finally, there’s the Premium subscription plan, priced at $41.66/month (billed annually) or $7.99/month (billed monthly). With a Premium account, you can make calls to phones around the world and also enjoy a few other perks.

As far as costs go, using skype from inside the country you bought your device/phone/computer at won’t require any extra payments at all unless you want premium features such as group video chat or a number transfer to a landline. If you do live outside your home country and need a real telephone number so people can call you before they buy skype credit, you only need to pay $2.99/month for an “online number” or $12.99/year for a “local number”.

There are also some skype add-ons available on google play and apple’s app store which can add extra features such as recording system notifications while you’re away from your device or making it ring when someone calls you even if your phone is set to silent mode. These add-ons range in price from free to $9.99 and there is also a skype application suite and video editor available which includes all of these features and more.


How do I use it?

First, go to and sign up with an email address and a password of your choosing. This gives you access to the main menu of options where you can see how many minutes of free international calling you have left each month, which country numbers you can dial at reduced rates, etcetera. The only requirement of signing up is that you offer an email address!

Second, download Skype on your computer or cellphone. That means going to and clicking the little download icon that looks like a cloud with a downward arrow beneath it. It will automatically install from there so you can start calling immediately! If you have any problems at this stage please refer to your specific operating manual.


  1. Just have to download Skype from the official website.
  2. You can go to a place with the internet and install it using the installer file which you got from the site.
  3. After installing, open Skype and click on sign up. You will be prompted to enter your details such as name and phone number. After this step is completed, you should receive an email that contains a verification code for activating your account. Enter that code in skype and click next (if no code comes then check the spam folder).
  4. If everything went okay, then now you can use it! To make calls or send IMs (instant messages), on contacts at the top right

If you have any issues setting up Skype on your computer or laptop, our technicians are just a phone/text away!

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