How to Reset Intel NUC?


In this article we explain how to reset an Intel NUC. But first let’s take a look at what it is and it’s pros and cons.

What is an Intel NUC?

An Intel NUC is a PC with a very small form factor. The first generation of Intel NUCs was released in 2012 and since then Intel has upgraded with new technology to make them even more powerful. There are different variations, one with an i3 processor, one with an i5 processor, and one with an i7 processor. The form factor of the Intel NUC is very small so it does not take up much space which means you can fit them almost anywhere without worrying about needing a lot of room for this PC.

An Intel NUC is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or 11 depending on your preference but you must purchase separately as these machines do not come pre-installed. A feature that makes these PCs great is that they are portable like laptops due to their compact sizes but run like desktops. This makes the Intel NUC great for travel or relocation to different areas. Employees can have a PC with them without needing one at their home or work.

The Intel NUC has all of the necessary ports you would expect with most PCs, however what is unique with these machines is that they come with features that are not available on laptops or desktops such as WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth compatibility. You can connect to your mobile devices without being stuck in one place.

Intel NUC supports up to 16GBs of RAM meaning a long term investment due to this small size meaning it will last a long time before requiring replacement parts for regular wear and tear. With its small form factor comes a price tag allowing even more people to own their personal computer with affordability.

Intel has become one of the most trusted brands in the PC world and although they still provide laptops and desktops, there is a growing demand for these small PCs that pack a punch with their tiny size making them very versatile and portable. You can connect to your TV or monitor and then just as easily take it away if you desire to do so.


Advantage of owning an Intel NUC is that it uses less power meaning your electricity bill will be lower than if you owned another type of computer such as a laptop or desktop. You won’t need to worry about finding somewhere near an outlet when using this computer because they also use thunderbolt technology which allows you to charge up through USBs while attached to your TV.

One of the most popular versions of Intel NUC is the NUC5i3RYH model which gives you a great combination of power and value for money. You can expect this Intel NUC to last around five years if you want it to, so its a long-term purchase that will be well worth it in the long run. It has an Intel core i3 processor with 4gb ram boasting a PCMark score of 6549, allowing you to get your work done quickly and efficiently while still being able to run modern day applications such as word processing software or excel spreadsheets at good speeds. This is perfect if you aren’t looking for anything too fancy like video editing software which would require much better specifications than this, so you can get this Intel NUC and know it will suit your basic computing needs. The PC comes with Windows 10 installed out of the box, but if you require any other operating system such as Mac OS or Linux then feel free to install that instead because it comes preinstalled with a licence key for Windows 10.

The Intel NUC features two lan ports allowing you to connect multiple devices through ethernet cables directly into your PC, or if that’s not your thing then there are also built in wireless capabilities meaning that even though the board is small enough to fit underneath you monitor with ease, it still has all of the great connectivity options that larger PCs have. It only requires 32gb of storage space at most meaning its perfect for stripping down and using as a media PC or being hidden in a cupboard for smart home functionality. It comes standard with Intel i3 processor, but is upgradable to an i7 if you have the extra cash, it also has a 2.5 inch hard drive bay meaning that you can put in either a small SSD or a large HDD depending on your needs.

It has two ram slots, both of which support DDR3L, so it’s future proof for a good while yet if your not planning on upgrading anytime soon. It comes with Intel HD graphics but can be fitted with either a dedicated graphics card or an onboard graphics chip from AMD or nvidia if you get one of their m-atx boards.



The NUC isn’t exactly heavy duty when it comes to running games at 1080p, though its not designed for gaming anyway so this shouldn’t really be used as your only reason for buying one. If your interested in mining cryptocurrency then they make great little miners because of their capabilities of running 24/7 without going over 70 degrees celsius where most GPUs will stay at 80 to 90 degrees celsius when in use.

How to Reset an Intel NUC?

All data will be lost so please backup important files before proceeding!

  1. Hold down the power button for 20 seconds, then loosen your grip and release the power button. After doing so, re-press and keep holding down the power button until your NUC turns off completely. You can now let go of the power button again. The process takes roughly 30 seconds in total from start to finish, not including booting time after turning on once more.
  2. When your NUC boots back up press F2 immediately or wait 2 seconds and it should load the bios menu. Once your in the bios section use the arrow keys to navigate and click enter when you find advanced.
  3. Once in advanced mode use the arrow keys to navigate up or down until you find “reset config” select this option by pressing enter on it with your arrow keys and press enter again when prompted for confirmation of your choice.
  4. Wait approximately 3-5 seconds for a message to display saying something along the lines of ‘operation complete’. When done, exit out of bios using F10 and allow your system to reboot.

Still having issues resetting the NUC? Get in touch with one of our local computer technicians.

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