How to Make Your Videos and Photos Look Artistically Inspiring?

How to Make Your Videos and Photos Look Artistically Inspiring

User Case

One of our clients who recently started an online shopping store, recently asked us some random questions – during an onsite visit.

What can you do to infuse artistic inspiration into your videos and photos?
How do we achieve this without paying for a subscription?
How can I do it all without the need of a dedicated or integrated graphics card?

So we started some digging online and I happened to stumble upon a brilliant software called CapCut online photo editor.

Thought it was best to talk about my experience here!

We also wanted to impress him with some work for his website (final image below)

Let’s begin..


Whenever it comes to making artistically inspiring photos and videos, the first thing that comes to mind is about which editor to use for this purpose. Out of so many editors available online, it becomes very difficult sometimes to pick an editor that doesn’t only generate professionally perfect photos and videos but must also be cost-effective and result-proven. 

So, such an incredible editor is the CapCut online photo editor who doesn’t only create artistically inspiring videos and photos but is also 100% free, result-proven, and powered with AI tools and functions. By using this incredible editor, you can make impressively inspiring videos and photos. Here, let’s have a look at some of its most astonishing features that you can use to transform your content. 


Upscaling Video

The best thing about this editor is that it offers a completely innovative and AI-based interface to upscale videos with AI. Due to this AI technology, you can upscale your videos as if they are built with an expensive top-quality camera in the highest resolution. This tool improves the video quality and also works on boosting the pixel count along with making other necessary adjustments to the videos. As a result, the videos not only look upscaled but also clearer, more interactive, and more aesthetically engaging. 

Transcribing Video To Text

Similarly, you can also try transcribing your videos to text by using this simplest video to text feature. It allows you to upload your video to the editor and transcribe it automatically with the editor’s AI algorithms without putting in so much effort or time. Hence, your videos become more searchable, meaningful, engaging, and inspiring due to the text on them.

Customizing the Background 

Another beautiful and inspiring fact about using this online CapCut editor is that it also allows you to customize your photo and video backgrounds. Many times, it happens that backgrounds of videos/photos look so dull and poor that affect the overall quality and aesthetics of the video/photo. So, this online editor allows you to remove such backgrounds, and change them into transparent or colorful ones to make your video or photo look more interactive. 

AI Upscaler for Photos

Not only the videos, but you can also upscale your photos by using this incredible AI image upscaler tool. Just like videos, it turns your photos to higher quality, clear-looking visuals, and more interactively appealing aesthetics. It gives you several options of resolution from which you pick the best one for your photo. 

Portrait Generator and Style Transfer

Another mindblowing thing that you can do on this online editor is to generate impressively amazing portraits or change/transfer the style of your photos. For this purpose, all you need to do is to choose and upload a photo to this editor and decide which style to want to apply to it. With your single click, the editor will transform your photo to the same portrait or other style. 

How to Use Online Photo Editor By CapCut?

To get started with this incredible editor online, follow the simplest and easy-to-follow steps below. 

  • Step 1: Free Sign up 

Start with creating your account on the CapCut online website that you will approach by clicking on Then, click on the free signup button. You don’t need to pay anything to the editor to create your account there. Instead, enjoy making a free-of-cost account on the CapCut website and sign in to it. 

  • Step 2: Upload A Photo

From the tools, click on the online photo editor and upload your photo there when it loads on your screen. You can also choose a photo from the sample photos. 

  • Step 3: Transform It

After that, let’s transform the photo by using any of the editor’s tools and functions that you want. All of them are completely free as well and require no payment for using them in transforming your photos. You can optimize the colors of your photo, upscale it, resize it, trim and crop it, generate a portrait for it, change its style with AI, etc.

Try using different interactive features on your photo to make it look more appealing and impressive. 


  • Here’s the end result to show my client – pretty impressive huh?

    Step 4: Export It

Finally, export your photo to your device by clicking on the export button that you will see on the top right side of your screen. You can also share this photo anywhere else or save it to the online free cloud storage space by the editor. 


CapCut online photo editor is the best pick for making impressively inspiring edits to your photos and videos with minimal effort. Here, the editor uses AI technology to apply instant and automatic changes to your photos/videos to transform them into the most interactive masterpieces. Just give this editor a try and see the amazing transformations through your eyes. 

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