How To Make Your Laptop Aesthetic?


Individuals who are interested in laptops, especially people who unbox them and see the average looking matte black rectangle, often wonder what they can do to make their laptop aesthetically pleasing. Not everyone wants to keep a boring black box on their desk or by their bedside, nor does every individual want to put stickers all over it. Laptop stickers can be unattractive instead of attractive depending on placement, allowing one’s finger prints to be visible because there is no protective covering over the sticker area (or possibly just because that is how you like your laptop), and wasting money when they are peeled off.

Covering up keyboard letters

The least expensive way of making your laptop more aesthetically pleasing without the bank is by covering up the ugly keyboard letters. This can be done with a custom piece of paper or a printed picture that is cut out to fit over the keys. If you do not want the words on the keys then this method works well, but if you do want them you can always take your laptop into an office supply store and have the key tops removed before putting your new printing on top.

Decorative stickers

Decorative stickers are another way to make your laptop more aesthetically pleasing without spending much money. These work best when they compliment one’s decor by using colors from home decorating schemes or by going along with a particular style such as country, rustic, etc… Decorative stickers can come in various shapes and sizes covering just about any surface you can think of. Though this method does not provide the bold contrast that a new paint job would, it can also be changed easily and quickly without any mess or long term commitment like a paint job might require.

Aesthetic Laptop Backgrounds

Computer wallpaper is an easy way to make your laptop beautiful without spending much money or time at all. Going for floral patterns with matching wallpaper on the screensaver and desktop background picture can really bring life to a drab machine and pink has always been known as a color that makes people happy! With many different wallpapers available including photo quality options there is no reason why you cannot have photos of loved ones surrounding you every time you turn on your laptop.

Decorative stickers

Decorative stickers are great for making your laptop unique. They are an easy way to add a few steps in the customization process without spending much money or time at all. The stickers can be removed and replaced whenever you feel like changing the design up again. You could even try drawing around different shapes with permanent markers, or painting on tribal designs with nail varnish in bright colours!

Laser etched

This is a great option if you have a creative streak and have some skill at drawing free hand, but want to make the laptop look cool as well as customizing it so that it really stands out from other laptops. To get a professional looking etching you will need a protective covering of tape spray paint over parts of the laptop where the laser cannot reach, as the heat from the laser could damage your laptop.

Vinyl decals

Draw a design on a piece of paper and then sketch it onto a sticker sheet using a black marker pen. Spray paint over this stencil, careful not to get any spray on where you have drawn the outlines of your design with permanent ink. Peel off the label once dry and stick it to your laptop case or wherever you want! You can also use clear plastic stickers – This is good for if you want to make the laptop look like its got an actual decal shining through instead of all scratched up metalwork which doesn’t look too great when it’s fake, but still has some effect due to light reflecting off shiny surfaces.

Leather stickers

You can cut out pieces of leather and stick them onto your laptop, but only if it’s not made of metal. If you don’t want to waste any money on this idea, you could also use scratch off stickers, but these won’t last very long.


You may have seen people with cool designs on their laptops that look like they’ve been painted or burned into the plastic with fire. This is actually just a sticker decal that has been pulled apart so the edges are peeled up and roughed around the corners to give an illusion of wear and tear effects . It looks really nice when it’s done well, however if you make a mistake or get one slightly wrong it can be quite noticeable…so I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re a beginner!

Vinyl wrap

If decals aren’t your thing, another idea is to get a vinyl wrap for your laptop. You can find these on sites such as Amazon and they come in an absurd amount of colours, patterns and finishes. Wraps work well when applied correctly but will last much longer than the decals mentioned above [picture of laptop with vinyl wrap].

Ornamental arts

Perhaps you like the idea of adhesive stickers but you think that they look too childlike and ‘amateur’? There are services out there where people can laser cut stencils onto thin metal sheets and then paint them by hand. This sounds absolutely amazing and I’m definitely going to try it at some point.

Custom paint job

This is not for the faint of heart, but if you are willing to take on this job it will have the most impact of all your options. You can hire someone to custom-paint your laptop by hand or simply do it yourself. Again, these probably aren’t cheap but they’ll impress everyone you know!

Sculpt something

It doesn’t need to be anything huge, just a small ornament that goes with your style and perhaps has some practical purpose too. The more unique the design the better. These can be especially nice if they are made out of aluminium or another metal sheet . Wood would also look great as long as it’s finished nicely (easier said than done)

Scratch some designs into it

Using keys, knives etc. put some lovely scars on your laptop for that detailed personal touch. Click here to see some examples of this .

Make a custom cover

Take a photo of something significant to you and have it printed onto vinyl which you can apply to the computer’s casing. A good place to get these made is at your local Kinko’s or another copy shop where they will probably have more colors available than if you were to order online. Again, don’t forget about important details like keeping the sticker within the housing so it doesn’t peel away!

There are many other options for making your laptop look pretty but most won’t last long or be very impressive just because everyone does them. If you really want to impress, stick with the first idea and make a custom cover!

Check out Etsy or Ebay for some good options!

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