How to integrate Gsuite into your business?

How to integrate Gsuite into your business

One thing that can’t be missed in today’s business world is modern communication and collaboration tools. As a small-medium sized business, you might think about moving your company to Gsuite

There are many options on the market, such as Slack , Dropbox , or Trello . All of these platforms have some benefits, but if you work in a more traditional business, you might be looking for something that can integrate with your company’s system. An example of a tool that could help bridge the gap is GSuite .

This article will detail how to integrate GSuite into your business and what kind of benefits it can bring when used properly. [Insert background information]

GSuite is a collaboration tool that was created by Google to help workers in multiple locations or companies work together seamlessly. The suite of tools includes email, cloud storage, calendars, and chat.

Shared Inbox

One example of an integration you can do with GSuite is the shared inbox feature . When a user has a shared inbox on their work account, they will get all of their coworkers’ email automatically routed to one single email address. This makes it easier for employees to keep up with information from other members on the team without going through separate accounts.

No matter how many different accounts your company might use (email addresses such as , , etc.), you can have all of the messages come to the same person by making an alias account that is shared with everyone.

Shared emails

One way to use GSuite is to set up a shared email address for all of your coworkers on the team. For example, if you had an account called , but wanted everyone on your team to be able to see each other’s emails, you could make an alias account called . Then, people on your team can send an email from their own accounts (i.e. ) and it will go straight into the inbox of everyone who has access to this accounti.e., , , and . This also enables the same team to have multiple different email addresses so you can create a sales department account, a marketing department account, etc (and each person who needs access would be added as an authorized user).

Another way is to set up Gsuite for your businesses domain name (i.e., ). You can then manage all of your business’s online properties through one dashboard; everything from company emails to customer apps (apps that let customers book and check in for tickets and check their status). It will make it easy for people to find out how to contact your company as well as where they can find your business online. It also allows you to manage which apps people have access to and keep everything in the same place.

If your business uses a Google account that gives multiple users access to the same emails, calendar, etc., Gsuite is a great way to take it a step further by integrating all of those services into one portal with management capabilities. That way, you don’t have everyone logging into different accounts with different passwords and you can see who’s been using what from one application within Gmail.

There are many areas where Gsuite integrates smoothly with other applications most relevant to businesses such as Google Apps for Work (which lets companies use both cloud storage and standard email) or Drive which lets you generate documents online.

Steamline everyting

The ease of use is one of the biggest selling points for Gsuite, partly because it allows businesses to streamline their purchasing process by letting them review everything they can get in one place. That way, it’s easier to see if the business could save money by switching from a competitor or whether Gsuite offers exactly what they need and no more—making it easier for IT departments not only to choose but also roll out new services.


One thing that’s often forgotten about when talking about Gsuite is its security practices which are some of the most advanced in the industry. You can set permissions allowing people access to certain files while restricting others and then there are audits that show who has accessed each file and when. This provides a much better business continuity plan than most other cloud-based services which don’t offer the same level of security, making it easier to comply with regulation standards. With this in mind, read on to discover how you can integrate Gsuite into your business today.

Businesses may find that there’s too much of an increase for their budget if they switch from another service such as Outlook and Exchange or Google’s own Gmail so it may be prudent to look elsewhere first—though Gsuite has significantly decreased prices over the past few years, especially for its apps like Drive and Docs which were once paid services but are now free with at least one Gsuite account. Using this information, read on to discover how you can integrate Gsuite into your business today.

The first step for any transitioning business is to set up a Gmail account which can be acquired from this link:

Once you have created a Gmail email address, the next step is to create a Google Account using that same login details and adding the apps that you require like Drive, Docs, Calendar etc. To do this, head over to where you will find instructions on how to add each app in turn through an intuitive interfacel .

To help with your transition even further , the following list highlights the main benefits of integrating Gsuite into your business :

– Docs is a fully functional word processing application which can be used by multiple users at any given time. It also contains an offline mode for use when you are not connected to the internet, meaning that you can edit changes even when not online. Docs , Sheets & Slides allow collaboration between teams and individuals. Any document that requires multiple edits at once becomes quick and easy to manage when team members are able to work on files simultaneously. You can also work offline freeing up time spent sat waiting for documents to send or download

– Drive offers 20gb of storage space for free and this can be easily upgraded in blocks of 100gb should the need arise . There is also no limit on how many files you can store which makes it perfect for businesses who require unlimited storage space .

The embedded Google Calendar works seamlessly with Outlook allowing data to be shared between both systems in real time. Syncing in this way saves valuable time in planning and allows you to schedule appointments and events without the need to manually transfer and update files.

– Hangouts is a messaging service that allows you to send instant messages and make voice calls using an internet connection which makes it perfect for businesses . The audio quality is high due to HD wideband audio and there are no compatibility issues between platforms meaning that you can message anyone regardless of their device or location on the planet. Google Hangouts is a simple way to connect with your business contacts . The instant messaging style of the service makes it easy for teams to communicate quickly without wasting time . It’s also compatible with mobile devices so you can take chats on the go. You don’t even need an account in order to use this feature – if someone gives you a hangout link then you can chat instantly.

– We all know how important it is for businesses to have an online presence. Gsuite provides a solution with Gmail, which offers 14 GB of free storage that can be used by your business email address . This is twice as much as most other providers, so it’s definitely worth considering using Gmail for your business emails.

– Drive allows you to keep all your files in one place without having to worry about how they are being stored . It also integrates with Docs, Sheets & Slides so any documents created or edited via these apps will automatically upload to your drive instead of them being saved on your computer. Drive is where almost all businesses are going to find their most use out of Gsuite. With the ability to share files easily across different devices which people are already used to using by sharing on Dropbox or Box, Drive enables

– Hangout Chats are Google’s messaging app that works the same way as Whatsapp but with video conferencing capabilities built-in. It is also more secure as it can be linked to your google account so you are the only person able to see your messages & call history.

– Now on Tap is a feature of Android that allows you to get information about whatever is on screen just by holding down the home button for a few seconds. This could come in useful if someone mentions an app or place whilst talking with you – just hit the home button and Google will provide you all the right results without having to exit whatsapp/messenger, open Google Now and type in the name of whatever was mentioned.

– Photos provides unlimited photo storage (just like most other providers) but this time with advanced editing capabilities which include contrast, saturation & highlights correction as well as filters and effects. Other features include the ability to create video collages, GIFs and Photospheres (360 degree images).

– The Calendar app serves as both an organiser but also gives you easy access into all of Google’s other services such as Docs, Drive and Gmail. Create events with guests who utilise Google’s services too and get notified of changes directly in your calendar – no more last minute rush to RSVP!

Gmail has been revamped for this new version of Gsuite to allow you to create custom email addresses for specific projects or branches of the company that will all forward messages into one main inbox. You can also use it in its traditional form which has a clean, easy to understand interface.

If you’d like to setup Gsuite for your business, our business consultants are just a phone call away!

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