How to fix WiFi Issue in Windows 10


COVID-19 has changed our lives. We are now dependant on internet more so than ever. With many people working from home, internet has become so much more important. Many telco companies like Telstra or Optus have seen a significant number of subscribers. Apart from this, many users have even upgraded their existing connections for faster speeds and reliability.

With kids home schooling (thanks to the pandemic!) we now require more bandwidth as well.

However, like most technology it is unreliable and troubleshooting can get expensive and frustrating.

It can get really annoying when your WiFi network is connected but your internet is not working. It may show that it’s connected but when you open up a browser it doesn’t get any further than below.


Simple steps on how to fix WiFi issue in Windows 10:

1.Restart your desktop or laptop by clicking on the Windows button and selecting restart. Please make sure you click on ‘Restart‘. Why we specifically say to hit on ‘Restart’ is because in Windows 10/11, a restart is completely different from a ‘Shut Down’ and powering it back on.

We recommend restarting a Windows 10/11 PC or laptop at least once or twice a week to make sure everything runs smoothly. This also fixes so many issues and can help speed up a slow computer.


Now check if you can get internet. Otherwise, proceed to step 2.

2. Left-Click on the WiFi icon on the bottom right corner of your taskbar. Right-click on your WiFi network and select ‘Forget’.



3. Restart your desktop or laptop as specified in Step 1.

4. Click on the Globe icon, select your WiFi and click on ‘Connect’

5. Type in your WiFi password and click on ‘Next’

6. Check if you have internet connection.

7. If you still cannot get internet and it shows ‘Cannot connect to this network’ or something along those lines, you may need to restart your NBN modem or router.

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