How To Fix registry_error ntoskrnl.exe? [Updated 2021]

Registry_error ntoskrnl exe is a very common issue on Microsoft Windows. Often, these errors are caused by rootkits or other malware that runs in the background of your computer without you even knowing about it. Therefore is really important to know how to fix this error so your PC can be back up with full power again!

This is a blue screen of death just like the DPC Violation.

You are busy working on your computer and then suddenly, your system reboots, and you receive an error message – a Blue Screen of Death, pointing at Ntoskrnl.exe as the source. You most likely experienced the following symptoms before it got this far:

  • Sluggish PC
  • High CPU usage or overheating.

Finally, during system boot, you receive an error message that says “ntoskrnl.exe is corrupt.”

What Is Ntoskrnl.exe?

The kernel (nToskrnl.exe in Windows terminology) is a core component of the Windows NT operating system and is responsible for hardware abstraction, process and memory management, and other system services.

What Causes the Ntoskrnl.exe Error?

There are many potential causes.

  1. The most common is a corruption of the file itself or corruption of essential Windows system files that the program needs to run. File conflicts with other programs may also cause this error.
  2. Multiple viruses are capable of causing this error through direct modification of the ntoskrnl.exe file itself or by penetration into NT’s kernel itself in which case they inject themselves into ntoskrnl.exe and use its resources as part of their payloads before finishing their execution and exiting from memory to hide from antivirus software. This kind of self-replicates, infects, and spreads much faster than a normal virus because it can spread to all versions of NT in this way.
  3. Bad memory is another potential cause of this error. The memory must be clean and free from corruption or any physical changes that would hinder its capability to store data.
  4. Another common cause for the ntoskrnl.exe error is corrupt hardware such as hard discs, RAM, or video cards that are physically damaged or otherwise inaccurate in their readings of the data they process even when new parts are installed into them.

The best possible solution for this problem is usually a complete reinstallation of Windows NT-based operating systems because it will remove all the corrupted files and safely restore the system’s registry to a working state by using an installation disc that is known to be clean of any malware or viruses.

If you are unable to get your computer set up with this type of installation CD but do have a backup copy of your registry saved before the ntoskrnl.exe error started occurring, you can try using it instead of uninstallation. If your registry was backed up recently enough before the problem happened, it may work well enough in undoing the damage and restoring functionality to Windows

There are also several third-party programs that will scan Windows-based systems for corruption and let users choose which corrupted files they want to be deleted to resolve the ntoskrnl issue.

That being said, here are some tips that could help fix the issue on your own

Fixing the registry error: Ntoskrnl.exe

As discussed earlier, this issue may be caused by an incompatible third-party application, which can easily be fixed by uninstalling the erroneous software.

1. Run the System File Checker (SFC)/CHKDSK Scan

-Open the Command Prompt by right-clicking it and choosing ‘Run As Administrator’

-Type in: sfc/scannow and press enter

-Let the program run and reboot when finished.

If that returns an error, you may have failed hardware or a bad hard drive that needs to be replaced. You would then need to backup your user data and all personal information before getting started with the replacement process. Once this is done, you should download Windows 10 installation media so you can do a clean install of Windows on your PC.

Once you get back up and running after doing a clean install, its time to scan your system and files again.

2. Update your anti-virus software

if you have an anti-virus software, update it with the most recent updates. This will often solve the problem immediately, as it scans for known viruses and strains that are being circulated across the internet right now. If your anti-virus already has signatures for these viruses built into its servers, then it should automatically remove the viruses when you restart your computer in a few minutes.

3. Use System Restore to return your computer to a time before this error occurred

If that didn’t solve the registry error, you can use System Restore as a last resort. System Restore will restore Windows’ system files and registry to a state from before this error occurred, removing any unsavory elements from your hard drive.

Use this guide on how to return your computer to a time before this registry_error occurred:

1) Click the start button at the lower left-hand corner of your screen

2) Type “system restore” into the search field

3) Navigate to “System Restore” in the program list

4) Highlight “System Restore”

5) Press “Ok”

6) Press “Next”

7) Press “Yes”

8) Follow instructions


Finally, reinstall Windows

Here are some steps for reinstalling Windows on your computer:

1) Turn on your computer

2) When prompted for your boot drive, press the relevant key (F8, F11 or Delete depending on your system) to open BIOS options

3) Navigate to where you can select the boot option to boot from USB/CD/DVD

4) Select “USB/CD/DVD” as the main boot option and press Enter

5) If necessary, insert your Windows CD into your drive before selecting it as the main boot option

6) Follow any other prompts until you reach Windows Setup screen. It is important that you choose “Custom”, not “Upgrade” installation since Upgrade prevents certain customizations of settings which are required for fixing this error. If not already selected, click on “Drive options (advanced)”

7) Select the main drive that you want to install Windows on. If it’s not already selected, click on “Format” and wait for the process to complete

8) Install Windows as normal

9) After installing, reinstall all your drivers and programs, reboot and check if registry_error ntoskrnl exe is still there

If the registry error reappears after reinstalling everything, use one of our solutions below:

Disable Fast Startup This method will show how to disable fast startup to fix the problem:

a. Shutdown your computer (if it isn’t already off )

b. Press and hold Shift as you hit the power button to turn your computer on

c. Open System Configuration ( msconfig )

d. Go to the “Boot” tab

e. Untick “Fast Startup”

f. Click “Apply”, then “OK”

g. Reboot and check if the error is gone.

If you still can’t fix it, you’ll be please to know that we do quick computer repairs so you can get to work as soon as possible.