How To Connect Computer or Laptop to TV


Are you looking for ways to connect your computer or laptop to your TV without buying new hardware? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few different methods that you can use to achieve this. Keep reading for more information.

It’s no secret that more and more people are streaming content directly from their laptops or PCs to their TVs. In fact, this is the preferred way for many to watch their favorite shows and movies. The problem is that most people think they need to buy new hardware in order to do this. But that’s not true! There are a number of ways you can connect your PC or laptop to your TV without spending a penny.

Is your laptop too small to comfortably watch a movie or show on? Does your desktop take up too much space in your room? You don’t need to buy new hardware to connect your computer to your TV. You can use your laptop or PC to stream content directly to your TV without spending a dime. Here are all the ways that you can easily connect your computer or laptop to your TV, no matter what kind of machine you’re using.

When it comes to connecting a PC or laptop to a TV, there are basically just three different things that you need in order for it to work: A cable with either HDMI or VGA on one end and whatever your screen’s port is on the other (DVI, DisplayPort, etc.) A wireless display dongle like this one for laptops with an Intel Core processor. This works if your router supports DLNA shares . An old Xbox 360 wired controller If you have all three of these things then you’re ready to go.

How to Connect a Computer or Laptop to a TV with HDMI?

If you’re using an HDMI cable, then it’s very simple: just plug the other end of the cable into your TV and turn it on! Assuming that you have everything set up properly, you should see your computer or laptop screen come onto the TV. If you don’t want this behavior all the time, there are some ways to change it.

Windows PC

On Windows machines running Windows 8 and 10, open up the start menu and type in “connect” until Windows itself gives you a list of options. Click “Connect to a wireless display,” then click “Add a wireless display.” You can use any of these methods on your PC or laptop:

You can either plug your laptop into the TV and select “PC screen only” or click “Duplicate displays” to show both on the same screen.


If you’re using a Mac, open up System Preferences and go into Displays. Click where it says Arrangement and select the appropriate arrangement options for you. You can either use “Mirror displays” to show what is on your computer screen on your TV as well, or use “Extend these displays” to put one onto each so that nothing is shown on either.


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How to connect a device to the TV via WiFi?

Android Device

If you have an Android device, there are lots of apps out there that allow users to cast content from their phone or tablet to other screens. For example, if you download the Google Home app, you can cast your screen to the TV using Chromecast (Google’s device). VLC media player allows users to stream whatever they’re viewing on their laptop or computer onto their TVs. Read more here.

Apple Device

If you have an Apple device, download AirPlay from the App Store and connect it to your Apple TV. You can then use your iPhone or iPad as a remote control for whatever is playing on your TV.

We hope this guide has helped you connect your computer or laptop screen to television so that you never again have to watch one without the other.

If you are still having issues connecting your device to the TV, get in touch with a local IT technician.

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