How To Connect Alexa To WiFi?

How To Connect Alexa To WiFi

We’ve all been there, we’ve all been plagued with – hey, I’m trying to connect my new flashy device to the WiFi, but I just can’t get it going, right?

Don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll show you how to get Alexa connected and working with your home network in no time.

We’ll explain how to do it through the app and also answer some of the most common questions around connecting Alexa devices.

So let’s dive right in!


Connecting your Alexa device to a new WiFi network doesn’t have to be difficult.

Whether you’ve got the app or not, it’s totally doable! If you’re rocking the Alexa app on your phone, follow these simple steps: open up settings and select ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’.

And don’t worry if it’s not as easy as pie – we’ve all been there (it happens!).

Select your network and enter in the password when prompted.

Press connect and it should start working right away!

But what if you don’t have the app?

Don’t worry – it’s still possible to connect Alexa without one.

Scenario 1: Connect Alexa To Internet Using The App

With the app, it’s easy to get your device online.

1: Download The App

Visit the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet. Search for ‘Alexa’. Make sure you’re downloading the official version, as there are numerous fraudulent Alexa apps out there that could compromise your security!

Downloading this app is free, so don’t worry about any hidden costs associated with using Alexa.

2. Search for Echo and Alexa

Select ‘Echo & Alexa’ from the menu that appears on the upper-right corner of your device to get started with Amazon’s Echo devices.

Once you have selected the Echo & Alexa option from the menu, you will be taken to a page where you can view all of your connected devices and manage them as needed.

3. I would next choose the Alexa device

Here, you’ll see a list of all available Alexa devices. You can narrow down your search by selecting categories such as “Smart Home” or “Music & Entertainment.”

Once you find the right device, simply click on it to start setting it up.

Once you’ve selected an Alexa device, it’s time to connect it to Wi-Fi.

Now let’s get your device connected to the internet – it’s time to change the Wi-Fi status!

To begin, tap ‘Status’ next on your Alexa device. This will display the currently logged in Wi-Fi network. Now select ‘Change’ which you’ll be able to see under Wireless and beside the Wi-Fi Network name.

Once you’ve selected Change, press and hold down on your Alexa action button – this is the one at the top of your Echo device with a dot icon.

You should now see a list of available networks that are nearby; choose yours from this list by tapping on its name. E

4. Next, we move on to ‘Setup’

Once you have confirmed that your phone is in setup mode, open the Alexa app on your device and follow the instructions. You need to select the right Alexa device from the list of available options. This ensures that all of Alexa’s features are available for use on your phone.

Once you’ve made a selection, you’ll be prompted to connect Alexa with Wi-Fi so you can access its full suite of capabilities.

5. Connect to your WiFi

Start by tapping ‘Rescan Network’ at the top of the screen, so that it can detect any available networks in the area.

Once it finds yours, select it and enter your Wi-Fi password. Then click ‘Connect’ and wait until Alexa has successfully joined your Wi-Fi connection.

If all goes well, Alexa will let you know when it’s finished connecting.

Now that you’ve connected Alexa to your internet network, you can start controlling all kinds of things from lights to music with just a few simple commands. With voice control enabled on your device, you’ll be able to ask for information and more with just a few words or phrases.

The possibilities are nearly endless; there are so many options available for customizing what tasks Alexa can do for you!

Scenario 2: Connect Alexa without the app

Why Would Alexa Connect to Wi-Fi Without an App?

We’ve already discussed how to connect Alexa to your WiFi without the help of an app, but why would you need to do this in the first place?

There are several reasons why Alexa may not be able to connect using an app.

For starters, device compatibility can be an issue. Not all devices support the Alexa ap. Additionally, older devices with out-of-date operating systems may not support the Alexa app.

Finally, there are hardware restrictions that must be met for the Alexa app to work properly on a device.

To ensure your device is compatible with and able to use the Alexa app, make sure it is running iOS, Android or Fire OS.

If these aren’t available on your device, then you will have no choice but to try and connect without the assistance of an app.

You should also check that there is enough storage space on your phone before attempting to install the Alexa App as it won’t install if there isn’t enough space available.

Older devices can present another challenge when trying to set up your Echo speaker via the Alex App because they may not meet all of its system requirements due to their outdated operating systems or other hardware restrictions like RAM availability.

In this case you will have no choice but try and set up without using an app as well. However, this can often be more complicated than installing with an application so it’s best avoided wherever possible by ensuring you have a compatible device at hand before getting started.

Finally, connecting any type of electronic device requires careful consideration of certain aspects like power connection points and network settings – regardless of whether you’re using a mobile application or setting up manually through a web browser window!

It’s important that these steps are followed correctly in order for everything to work properly; otherwise you could end up having problems later down the line when trying to access features and services from your Echo speaker or other connected devices in your home network setup!

How Can I Connect Alexa to a WiFi Without Using the Alexa App?

You don’t need the Alexa App to get your device online – it’s actually quite simple to connect up without it!

1: Sign / Create (if you do not have one) into your Amazon account

Open the browser on your PC or mobile device and visit If you already have an Amazon account, enter the credentials to sign in. If not, you can create one before proceeding with the setup process.

The first step of setting up Alexa requires logging into an Amazon account and linking it to Alexa. This helps ensure that no one else can access your data and settings without permission from you.

If you are setting up multiple devices at once, make sure each one is connected to a separate Amazon account. Otherwise, all of them will be synced together.

Also, keep in mind that if you want to share any information among different accounts, then they must be linked together with family sharing feature provided by Amazon for Alexa users only.

2. Select Your Alexa Device

On your browser’s menu in the left pane and select the Settings option.

Here you’ll find a menu item labeled “Set up a new device”. Clicking on it will begin the configuration process for your speaker. You’ll then need to select which appliance you want to connect it to, such as a light bulb or other smart home device.

3. I would then turn on my Alexa device.

Plug your Alexa speaker into the electrical socket.

Once it’s connected, watch for the light to come on.

When it does, you’ll notice an orange light indicate that the device is ready to be set up.

Select Continue and you’ll be directed to the setup page.

4. Connect your Alexa device to the network

The first step is relatively straightforward; all you need to do is go into the network list on your computer and locate the new network that has been formed by your Alexa device. Click it in order to establish a connection between them and attend to its completion when prompted.

You’ll be asked for certain details such as SSID (network name) and password which should be provided by whoever manages or owns the router in question.


How to connect my Alexa to a new WiFi ?

Using your smartphone or tablet, open up the Amazon Alexa App and log in with your Amazon account details.

I would then select ‘Settings’ from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click on ‘Set Up a New Device’ – (it’s a little difficult to see on smaller phones).

Once you select this option, simply follow the instructions onscreen – they’ll guide you through each step until your device is connected successfully.

If for some reason your Echo isn’t connecting via Wifi automatically or if it’s getting stuck at any point during setup, try moving closer to your router and ensuring all cables are secure and properly plugged in.

If this still doesn’t work, then try resetting both your modem/router as well as your Echo before attempting set up again.

Do you need a phone app to use Alexa?

No. You can experience an entirely new level of convenience with Alexa – no phone app required!

Alexa, why can’t you connect to my WiFi?

Having trouble getting your virtual assistant up and running? I

t could be due to any number of issues, from incorrect WiFi credentials to outdated software.

If you’re having difficulty connecting Alexa to your WiFi network, there are a few potential solutions you can try.

First, make sure that the WiFi credentials you’re entering into Alexa are correct – check for typos or spelling errors.

Weak signals can also cause connectivity issues, so try moving the device closer to the router if possible.

Additionally, ensure that both your router and Alexa device have the latest software updates installed.

Finally, verify that your router is compatible with Alexa as some older routers may not be supported by newer devices. 

Can you reset Alexa without the app?

If you’re having trouble with your virtual assistant, you can reset it to factory settings without the app.

Just press and hold the Action button for 25 seconds until the light ring starts pulsing orange. Wait for it to turn off and back on blue to know it’s been successfully reset.

This simple process can fix any issues that have been bugging you – say, if Alexa isn’t recognizing your voice commands or won’t connect to Wi-Fi. 

Resetting erases all of your customizations, so keep that in mind before attempting a reset.

If you’ve set up preferred music streaming services or other preferences in the past, those will be erased once Alexa has been reset.


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