How long does it take to repair a laptop?


I always get asked a common question ‘How long does it take to repair a laptop?’ Well, it depends on the problem..but most minor repairs are completed in 3-5 days and major ones can take 10-15 days.

Laptop failure is the last thing you want to experience. There are many things that can go wrong with a laptop, and like any other type of machine, there’s nothing that can stop them from breaking down eventually.

Laptop problems can be very frustrating, but when you get it to one of our technician and they return it to you fully functional and in great condition, it’s totally worth the hassle. You’ll be relieved to know that it doesn’t take long to fix minor problems with laptops; in fact, very minor repairs can be done in as little as one hour (leaving your laptop unusable for no time at all).

If you find yourself needing repairs for your laptop make sure you’re prepared for these 3 steps:

1. Preparing To Bring Your Laptop In For Repairs

Before you even bring your laptop into a repair facility, carefully consider what might have gone wrong with it. This part is crucial since trying to figure it out on your own saves you time and money. Certain parts like laptop screens can be replaced on your own if you follow our guide here.

2. Working With The Technician

Once you’ve entrusted your laptop with the technician, he’ll diagnose what’s causing your laptop to misbehave. Our technicians will then work their magic, fixing everything that needs fixing until everything is back in working order. This can take anywhere from one hour up to a few days depending on how extensive the damage is, but rest assured that all broken parts are replaced with original manufacturer-approved components so your warranty remains valid.

3. Reclaiming Your Laptop

Once repairs have been completed, our technicians will drop off your laptop and you enjoy using it for many months or years before another breakdown occurs again!

How long does it take to repair a laptop that has a major problem?

When you bring your broken laptop to a technician it will take between 10 and 15 days for them to fix the problem. During this period of time we diagnose what’s causing the malfunction, replace any damaged parts with manufacturer-approved components, and finally give everything back to you in working order. Depending on how serious the issue is, these steps can take anywhere from 1 hour up to several days for complicated repairs.

Here’s a list of things we do before attempting a repair (and the reason why repairs usually take longer than expected)

1. Test other components before attempting a repair

As mentioned before, laptop parts are connected together using numerous different cables. If one of these is broken it can cause the rest of your laptop to malfunction or stop working entirely. To ensure that all other components are working properly before attempting a laptop repair, technicians normally have to run multiple rounds of tests on every single component inside your laptop…which leads us to our next reason why repairs take longer than expected.

Laptop parts like RAM and hard disk drives contain their own built-in software meant to tell you if they’re functioning correctly or not. This information is extremely helpful in determining what’s causing the problem with your laptop because sometimes replacing damaged hardware can fix it right up. If you’ve tried all of the hardware fixes to no avail, it’s likely that your problem lies within an obscure part that has gone bad.

2. Backup

Before we attempt any repairs, we always take a perfectly bootable clone or backup of your system. Why? In case things go wrong.

Before we replace the OS on the new drive and back up data to ensure that files may be kept and used again, we must first backup all of our data. Data backup and installation of the operating system are sometimes needed in motherboard repairs. It’s important to remember that transferring data across different storage devices takes time, and if data recovery is required on the device, it might take longer. We can also assist you in getting your information back by performing data recovery repair, but there is no assurance that all of your information will be retrievable from the faulty drive.

3. Getting the parts needed

Because of the current lockdown, it is quite impossible to get most laptop parts on time. Meanwhile, if we had to order a part from another country, it could take weeks before it’s delivered.

4. Putting the laptop back together

For some laptops, it’s also necessary to take apart certain parts of the device in order to reach other components that need repair or replacement.


5. Test, test and test

We test each and every component to its max to make sure everything is working perfectly

The laptop may function properly after installing new parts and repairs. However, by performing comprehensive checks, we can discover faults that we had overlooked or that the repair hadn’t worked. We can make sure that recurring issues don’t occur again this way. If the laptop passes these last tests, we are ready for delivery.

Other optional tasks we  perform:

1. Installing Windows and software updates

If your operating system is damaged beyond repair, then we will have to install a fresh copy of the Windows OS on your laptop. Most laptops come with pre-installed software which can prove difficult for those who don’t know how to replace such programs with functional versions. We often recommend users reinstall an updated version, as well as check for updates and install them regularly so their laptop hardware performs at its optimum state all the time.

2. All internal and external hardware components

We ensure that all laptop’s internal and external hardware is fully functional once the device has been fixed after a malfunctioning spell. We also make sure that your touchpad, pointing stick, buttons, knobs and the likes are functioning properly to maximize user comfort when operating the laptop.

3. Inspecting for any signs of physical damage on the motherboard

We inspect every inch of your laptop’s motherboard thoroughly for any cracks, broken parts or similar issues which may become a cause of more severe problems in future if not fixed sooner rather than later. If we do spot any damages of this sort, then we will inform you about it before going forward with our fix-up job so you can make an informed choice of what you want us to do.

After You Get Your Laptop

When you take it back home, make sure you test everything to make sure the problem really has been fixed (turn on the laptop and use any important programs or utilities) before you start using it again. For example, if your battery died because of a broken charger port, you should plug in the charging cable and charge for about 20 minutes before testing anything else. If there are still problems with your laptop after you’ve had it repaired then kindly get in touch with our technician again. Most repairs have a 1-year warranty so there is nothing you need to worry about!

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