How to Fix “Something Happened, And Your Pin Isn’t Available” error in Windows 11


Having trouble accessing your Windows 10 or 11 device, and seeing a message that reads “Something happened and your PIN isn’t available”?

Stuck with the error message 0xc000006d? Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why this login issue occurs, provide basic troubleshooting methods to fix it quickly, explore advanced solutions for more serious cases, clarify frequently asked questions about it, list additional resources for further support and detailed guidance on how to regain access to your Windows system in no time.

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Understanding The “Something Happened, And Your PIN Isn’t Available” Error Message

This error can cause significant disruptions to users’ daily activities, as it could stop them from accessing their devices.

To be able to work around the situation quickly and correctly, users need to understand what causes the error first.

Common causes include network connectivity issuesserver downtimesoutdated app versions, and incorrect login credentials such as usernames or passwords being entered incorrectly into Windows 10/11 prompt screens upon sign-in attempts.

It may also arise if specific user profiles are corrupted in some way on devices running those operating systems which can impair users’ abilities to access their accounts.

To troubleshoot this problem effectively one must identify the source of it.

Network issues require checking whether all cables are properly connected; server downtimes point towards trying a different internet browser; updating apps suggests looking for newer version releases online via the Microsoft website. 

Incorrect login credential errors indicate verifying all relevant information has been correctly keyed-in at both prompts screens during each sign-in process through Windows 10/11 settings respectively; while corrupt profile-caused malfunctions often necessitate uninstalling latest installed updates or restoring an earlier computer state using system restore points made prior any major changes like faulty security updates etc.

Common Causes Of ‘ Something went wrong and your pin isn’t available’ message.

Network Connectivity Issues

Network connectivity issues can often be the cause of this issue in Windows 11.

This type of issue occurs when there are difficulties with connecting to the internet from a Windows device, such as problems with router settings or an unstable connection.



Slow connections or low bandwidth may also lead to this issue due to long response times from requests sent by certain apps which require authentication via PIN.

If users face these types of issues they should check their network settings and verify that they’re connected correctly by resetting the router if necessary.

Server Downtimes

Server downtimes refer to periodic suspensions of normal network activities when the system is undergoing maintenance or repair.

When a server faces downtime, it can cause an interruption in authentication processes, making users unable to log into their Windows devices with their PINs.

This problem might be caused due to slow network connection or problems with the server itself.

To prevent this issue from happening, Microsoft sends out regular updates and fixes on its servers which allow users to log in safely after an unscheduled downtime.

Server downtimes can also lead to corrupted files if not dealt with correctly, preventing access even when attempting to use pins for entry into accounts and devices.

Outdated App Version

Updating apps is an important part of maintaining security, fixing bugs, and ensuring compatibility with other software.

While having an outdated app version does not always cause the error message and it can lead to unexpected behavior on Windows 10 or 11.

Outdated versions do not have the latest security updates which increase patching against malicious attacks.




Moreover, older versions are more likely to have compatibility issues that could interfere with the OS’s ability to authenticate users for a successful login.

It is therefore suggested that all apps (including preinstalled ones) should be kept updated to avoid errors related to signing in using a PIN on Windows 10/11.

This can easily be achieved by enabling auto-updates if supported by the application, or manually checking for updates every once in a while.

Incorrect Login Credentials

One of the main causes of the error message is incorrect login credentials.

When entering login information, like an email address or a PIN code, users must ensure that they type in all the details accurately as any typo or wrong entry can prevent access to their system.




In addition, entering expired passwords won’t work either; if you’ve recently changed your password make sure you are using the new one instead of the old one.

Lastly, we recommend always having multiple authentication methods configured just in case one fails for whatever reason.

Passwords should be at least 8 characters long and have a combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols to enhance security.

Corrupted User Profile

A user profile is an account associated with Windows, containing personal files and settings specific to the individual user.

It stores the desktop background, icons, web browser favorites or bookmarks, and any custom settings made by the user.

Additionally, it holds all security credentials such as login passwords needed to access websites for automated logins.


Unfortunately, these profiles can become corrupted due to system updates, malware attacks, or even power outages that unexpectedly cut off your device’s connection to its resources.

In many cases this will lead users into a long process of troubleshooting their PC to gain access again resulting in lost time and data if not done correctly; illustrating how important it is for users back up their data regularly and keep their operating system updated with the latest versions throughout the year.

Basic troubleshooting steps include creating a new profile by adding different accounts on Control Panel under User Accounts Settings Settings or restoring from a previously taken backup if one exists.

Additional advanced solutions include using System Restore which reverts your computer to an earlier working state while leaving personal documents intact.

How can I fix the “something went wrong and your pin isn’t available error” in Windows 10 or Windows 11?

With some basic troubleshooting, users can resolve the issue on their Windows 11 device.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Ensuring your internet connection is stable and reliable is a critical step when troubleshooting the error message in Windows 10 and 11.

Network connectivity issues can cause this dreaded error, so it’s important to check that your computer has sufficient access to the web before you begin searching for solutions.

To do this, first, properly connect any necessary cables or wires needed for internet access; then go through the Wi-Fi settings on your device to make sure you’re connected with the right network.

Additionally, double-check that everything like cookies or firewalls are set up correctly as these can prevent a successful connection.

Finally, run speed tests such as Ookla’s Speedtest website or Fast from Google to make sure there aren’t any speed issues causing disconnects.

2. Ensure You’re Using The Correct Login Credentials

To successfully avoid the error message on Windows operating systems such as 10 and 11, it is important to double-check your login information.

Incorrect passwords or PINs can lead to this issue since Windows 10 uses passwords or Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) for signing in. If you are having trouble signing into your account using a password or PIN, you may need to reset them by entering the old one.

To do this, open Windows Settings and go to Accounts -> Sign-in options tab. Click on the Reset button under the Password field or click the Remove Button from the Change Pin section if you don’t remember the old one.

Additionally, adding letters and symbols makes passwords more secure so try that too when creating a new one.

3. Update Your Windows Version

Updating your Windows version is one of the most reliable solutions to fix the error message.

Windows updates are designed to patch up security loopholes, bug fixes, better system optimization settings, implementation of new features, and improve user experience.

Regular updates will increase the performance stability and reliability of your Operating System.

It also helps enhance user privacy by constantly improving existing ones preventing attackers from exploiting outdated vulnerabilities in their software codebase.

1) Go to Start > Settings or press Win+I;

2) Click on Update & Security;

3) Select the Windows Update tab from the left menu bar;

4) Check for Updates button should be pressed to check if you have any pending updates;

5) Install all pending updates provided it has been signed off by Microsoft (or other participants).

4. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is an effective basic troubleshooting step to fix most issues.

This is because restarting clears away any temporary glitches from your device’s memory that may be causing the issue.

Additionally, it can also provide a minor system update by refreshing existing processes or applications in some cases.

However, you should exercise caution when performing this action since certain unsaved changes may get wiped away after a restart, requiring users to redo their work once again.

5. Delete NGC Folder Files

In cases where you are experiencing the error, it is important to check the NGC folder on Windows devices.




This folder stores login info related to your device and can become corrupted due to security updates or system file corruption; any – even minor – corruptions within this folder will result in the “your PIN isn’t available” message.

  • To delete these files from within your NGC folder, first make sure that you have administrator credentials as making changes of this sort requires elevated privileges.
  • Next, open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\Service Profiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Cryptography (or C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Cryptography if you’re using Windows 10).
  • Here, look for credential entries followed by .bak or .old extensions – delete those files as they may be causing corruption withing your NGC Folder.

Advanced Solutions To Fix The Error Message

1. Perform A System Restore Using Restore Point

System restore points are set by Windows automatically before major changes, such as when installing updates or changing certain settings.

To start this process, users should access the Windows Recovery Environment from the sign-in screen by clicking on the Power icon and holding the Shift key while clicking on Restart.



The user will then need to enter their admin credentials for authorization before making any changes to their account.

After entering these details they can select Advanced options>Troubleshoot>System Restore which allows them access to previously created restore points.

It is important that users select a recent one to avoid losing data of importance; doing so requires an understanding of what each saved state includes which can be viewed when selecting them individually via “View restoration details”.

2. Perform A Startup Repair In Advanced Options

To access the Windows Recovery Environment and perform a Startup Repair, users can click on the Power icon while holding down the Shift Key and then select Restart.

Upon restarting, they will be presented with options for Troubleshoot OptionsAdvanced Options > Uninstall Updates.




Select Advanced Options followed by Startup Repair, where users will be asked for admin credentials to make changes in their account settings such as removing any previously associated PIN.

And if successful in resetting their user profile, this should resolve any network connectivity issues or invalid login issues that may have been causing problems when signing into Windows initially.

3. Reset Your Computer

A system reset is well known for its ability to restore a computer to its factory default settings, which includes wiping out user login credentials and system settings, as well as removing or deleting all files from the hard drive.




However, it’s important that you backup your files before attempting this method of troubleshooting as data can be lost without warning during this process.

While factory defaults are restored during a system reset, third-party apps will need to be reinstalled afterward in order for the full functionality of the device.

4. Enable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) In BIOS Settings

Enabling the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) settings can help resolve authentication issues when viewing or resetting a PIN on Windows systems.

The TPM is a chip on the motherboard that helps store and secure credentials, including Windows Hello Sign-in PINs. 


Depending on the computer being used, accessing TPM will be located under different categories within BIOS such as Security settings.

Usually performing two simple steps is all it takes:

  • First, ensure that TPM is enabled by changing its “status” from Disabled to Enabled.
  • Second, setting the Mode option as Automatic for the most reliable results depending on if manual options present themselves since not every system uses them.

5. Resetting Your PIN Using Your Microsoft Account Password

Resetting your PIN using your Microsoft account is quick and easy. First, you’ll need to make sure that you have a valid Microsoft account linked to the device you’re trying to access.

Once this has been confirmed, open Windows Settings (by pressing Win+I) and choose Accounts from the menu. Select Sign-in Options on the left side and select “I forgot my PIN”.

You will be prompted to enter your current password for verification – type it in correctly then click Continue.

After confirming ownership of your account via phone or email, if applicable, you can enter a new PIN code twice as confirmation of its accuracy.

6. Sign In To Your Microsoft Account From Another Device

To do this, users first need to make sure that their device is associated with the same Microsoft account as their Windows account.

After accessing their Microsoft account on a different device, they need to navigate to the “Security” section under accounts settings and select the “Remove” option found under the “Windows Hello PIN” section.

This will reset any stored credentials and hopefully fix any existing problems preventing sign-in using a PIN.

7. Delete Your PIN Manually

Removing a PIN from a Windows device is the quickest way to regain access and fix the error message if it isn’t available.

However, users must be sure to back up any documents or settings they want to save before deleting their PIN because this process will remove all user data associated with the account including login credentials.

To safely delete your PIN on a Windows device, first, verify admin credentials by providing two-factor authentication details for your Microsoft Account.

Then open the Accounts window in Settings > Manage Your Account > Sign-in Options.

Here you can select Change under the PIN section and follow the prompts to delete the existing PIN manually.

In the last step, provide a new pin code or password as Proof of Identity if requested by the Windows security system.

8. Login Using Another Sign-in Option And Reset your PIN

This involves accessing the Advanced Startup Options menu by following these steps:

  • First reboot your system; then press F10 or Esc depending on Windows version when prompted during restart; choose Troubleshoot followed by Advanced Options; Select Startup Repair if necessary and attempt the repair.
  • Once you are in Advanced Startup options, select either Sign-In Option or User Settings.
  • Here, you can select an alternate sign-in method like Microsoft account over a local account which should give additional user privileges to remove and then create a new login PIN so that logging into Windows 11 device becomes easy without any errors.

It’s also important to have more than one form of authentication configured such as Cortana voice authentication/biometric facial recognition depending on hardware configuration to promptly deal with login issues that could arise since pins get expired after 90 days regardless of usage frequency.

Additional Resources And Support

– Microsoft Customer Support

– Online Communities and Forums

For any further assistance, users should make sure to take advantage of valuable resources available including contacting Microsoft customer support directly or exploring the online communities and forums for solutions.

Microsoft Customer Support

With professional experts available around the clock via chat, phone, or email, customers can quickly get any problems resolved in no time.

Detailed information about the issue should be provided to allow for a more accurate assessment of the cause of the error and solutions put forward.

It’s worth noting that if other troubleshooting steps have already been tried before reaching out to them then these should be mentioned too so that they understand how far along you are in your troubleshooting process.

Online Communities And Forums

Engaging with online communities and forums can be a great way to troubleshoot the “Something happened, and your PIN isn’t available” error message.

Community support provides quick solutions that might have worked for other people in similar situations.

Plus, alternative approaches to addressing the problem are shared by people who may have experienced specific scenarios or discomfort when using common solutions from Microsoft Support or PC manufacturers.

Posting questions on forums provide an opportunity to get advice not just from tech experts but also from others going through similar experiences since various factors can contribute to what causes this issue in your device.

Benefits of seeking assistance online include access to diverse perspectives related to understanding potential causes of the error as well as tips on how best to resolve it quickly and securely.

Contact Your Local PC Technician

Finally, if none of the above solutions helped, we recommend get the help of your local PC expert to solve the issue.


The error can be triggered by various factors such as networking connectivity issues, outdated app versions, incorrect user credentials, and corrupted files in the NGC folder or elsewhere.

To troubleshoot this issue, users must first turn off their Windows device and check their internet connection before reattempting to log in using their correct credentials.

Users should also ensure that they are running an up-to-date version of Windows 10/11 as any incorrect settings on prior versions could trigger this error message.

Additionally, users can delete corrupt files from the NGC folder if necessary or reset Their PIN via Their Microsoft Account for peace of mind when logging into online services again.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Error Code

Questions about the error message related to PIN login can be found in this section, as well as possible solutions for them.

1. What Should I Do If I Forget My PIN?

If you have forgotten your PIN or are having difficulty logging into your Windows 10 or 11 device, there are a few steps to take to regain access.

  • Firstly, it is important that you activate another login option—such as your account password, a backup code, or biometric verification such as an iris scan or fingerprint unlock—that will allow you to gain entry without the use of the PIN.
  • If this is not possible due to the lack of other authentication options on hand then users must reset the PIN via their Microsoft account. To do this go online and sign in from another device and select ‘My Account’ / ‘Security Settings’.
  • From here select the ‘I forgot my Password/PIN’ link which will prompt further instructions for resetting the forgotten information.

    It’s also possible to be sent a backup code (via text message) which can be used for completing these transactions securely.

Furthermore, if all else fails one may attempt to delete and manually reset their Pin through Windows settings by going under Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Repair (for more serious issues).

2. How Do I Recover My PIN?

Recovering a forgotten PIN in Windows 10 and 11 is not always straightforward, but with the right knowledge and resources, it can be easily done.

For starters, you need to remember that you already have an account password saved on your computer – if you forget your PIN, log in using the password instead.

If you want to reset your PIN, make sure to use a secure one consisting of letters, symbols, and numbers. This will make it harder for anyone to guess or brute-force their way into your device.

To reset your old PIN from another device such as a laptop or smartphone by signing into your Microsoft Account website using valid credentials.

Once logged in, click on “Security” and then select “Change my Password” before following the steps provided there on how to change/reset our old PIN for Windows 10/11 systems.

3. What To Do If The Error Persists Despite Troubleshooting?

If the “something happened, and your PIN isn’t available” error persists despite basic troubleshooting, there are some advanced solutions that users can try to fix it.

To begin, you should consider performing a System Restore from a previous restore point as this may undo any recent system-level changes or updates which could be causing this issue.

Alternatively, if System Restore does not work you could also try running Startup Repair within Advanced Options on the sign-in screen by holding down Shift while selecting Restart.

Another option is resetting your Windows PIN using your Microsoft Account; you’ll need to log in with your account credentials from another device first before resetting the PIN through Windows Settings when logging back into your PC.

Lastly, in extreme cases of corrupted user profiles users have had success deleting their PIN manually via an Advanced User Account Management tool such as Local Users and Groups (lusrmgr. msc)

4. What do I do if something happened and my PIN isn’t available?

If you are unable to locate your PIN, you should contact customer service so that they can help you reset it and provide a new one. You may need to verify your identity when doing so.

5. What can cause my PIN to become unavailable?

Your PIN may be deactivated as a security measure if too many incorrect login attempts are made in quick succession or if there is suspicious activity detected on your account.

6. How will I know when my PIN becomes inactive? 

You will often receive an automated notification from the system when your PIN has been disabled as part of their security measures.

Alternatively, you may experience an issue logging into your account due to the lack of correct credentials being entered at login time. 

7. Can I use Windows Hello if my PIN isn’t available?

When the PIN isn’t available, you can use Windows Hello as an alternative means to sign into your account.

Windows Hello lets you access your device using fingerprint or facial recognition if it is set up and supported on your device.

However, if there are issues with Windows Hello as well, you may need to use your Microsoft Account password or local account password to sign in first before attempting to fix the went wrong and your pin issue.

8. How do I delete the NGC folder to fix my unavailable PIN?

To fix the issue with your unavailable PIN, you can try to delete the NGC folder manually. To do this, open File Explorer and navigate to the "C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Microsoft\NGC" folder.

Delete all the contents within the folder. Once the folder is empty, restart your PC and set up your PIN again from the sign-in or login screen.

9. How to reset my PIN using a Microsoft account?

If you’re using a Microsoft account and your PIN isn’t available, you can reset your PIN using the following steps: Log in to your account using the account password instead of the PIN, go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, click on the Windows Hello PIN option, and then click the “I forgot my PIN” link. Follow the prompts to create a new PIN for your account.

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