How to find the right computer technician near me?


Cheap does not mean the best

The first step to finding a reliable computer technician is not to find one who offers the cheapest services, but one who offers the best. The reason for this advice is because there are people out there who will always offer their service at a lower rate than others. If they do so, it means that they have cut some corners somewhere along the line. This might mean that they are not using genuine parts or that their workmanship is sub-par.


The next thing you need to consider is how long the company has been established. It does not matter whether it is new or old; what matters is its reputation both in terms of customer satisfaction and quality assurance standards. This also speaks to the qualifications of its technicians since it takes years of training before a professional is allowed to display the company’s logo on his shirtsleeves.

Referrals & Recommendations

The next thing you need to do is check around and get some referrals from your friends, colleagues, customers, and acquaintances who have used computer technicians in the past. A lot of today’s businesses put out word-of-mouth testimonials on their websites so you might want to bookmark a few of them and come back later when you need help doing maintenance tasks or even fixing up your laptop.

Do your research

Once you’ve got a list together, it would be helpful for you to do more research based on what each technician said during the course of the conversation with him/her. If their answer is always yes then this means that they don’t know which end of the screwdriver to use. When a question is asked, the answer should be accompanied by a little bit of thinking and understanding on your part before you can make a decision about hiring this individual.

Turnaround time

One final thing to keep in mind when it comes to finding out which computer technician is going to be reliable would be how long they’ll take in executing the job that you need them for.

You will need to examine both sides of a coin here.

Simple jobs like issues related to Microsoft Office, network issues, etc should not take long and can be completed in an hour or two.

However, advanced jobs like those related to hardware etc will take longer – possibly 2-5 days depending on the issue.


In the end, choosing a computer technician that does everything that you need them to do and they’re reliable is essential. They should know what they’re doing when it comes to what you want done without wasting too much of your time in the process. If this means throwing out all the computers in your office except for one PC so they can fix whatever issue your company’s having then so be it!

Finding the right one

With these factors in mind, finding a great computer technician isn’t all that difficult.

Waiting around for hours on end for work to be completed – paying the same rate as everyone else working there no matter how long the work actually takes

Not knowing what you’re getting for your money or what to expect from their services – paying a large sum of money every week without receiving any form of actual service

Communication skills

The next thing to keep in mind when looking for a computer technician is that they should know what they’re doing and be able to explain it to you. You don’t want to pay someone $100 an hour just because he/she has a fancy diploma and degree hanging on their office wall. It’s important that whoever you hire can communicate with you effectively and efficiently. This is extremely important if something goes wrong after the job’s been completed (which will happen, more often than not). You’ll need to make sure they understand everything you tell them about the problem you’re having. You don’t want to be repeating yourself 5 times with them just because they didn’t listen or understand what you said.

Make sure they have a good reputation so that people are willing to come back to them for future services or tell their friends about them. Do some research on the company first before hiring, especially if it’s an online company – search the name on Facebook and Google My Business to see how many positive comments come up versus negative ones. If there are more complaints than praises, stay away from that business, no matter how cheap their prices are! You’ll get what you pay for in most cases.


Finally, make sure they have experience with this kind of job and know exactly what they’re doing. There are so many computer technicians out there with little to no experience in fixing computers, who damage the parts more than they help. If you’re not sure if they have enough training or knowledge, don’t be afraid to ask – that’s what you’re paying them for! Don’t be shy about asking how long they’ve been doing this job and where they learned it. And when you call them, ask about their education history.


Brand reputation

You should make sure that whoever is working on your computer has a good reputation. One way to do this is by searching up the name of the business on Facebook or Google to see what other people are saying about it. You can also lookup reviews of their business on sites like WoMo.

You can also ask your friends, family, or co-workers if they know of a good computer technician. Asking for recommendations is one of the best ways to find someone who knows what they’re doing. When you get recommendations from people you trust, it makes finding a good IT expert so much easier!

Don’t stick with just one company either – if they don’t seem like the right fit for you, try another one. Around 95% of businesses are rated positively on Google, which means that there are tons of technicians out there who know what they’re doing! There’s no reason to settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your computer.

Discounts and offers

Don’t forget to look for discounts and other special offers – even the best companies offer some kind of discount, so try searching for computer technicians in your area along with phrases like “discount” and “promo.” If you’re looking for a better deal than what you’re seeing, just keep looking! There will almost always be a time when there’s a sale or promotions going on.

No matter where you do it, take care when hiring an IT expert. You don’t want to trust your technology to someone who isn’t licensed and trustworthy.

Computer technicians often work on a sliding scale or offer discounts, so try searching for “computer technician” and phrases like “discount” and “promo.” If you’re looking for a better deal than what you see, just keep looking! Most likely there will be a time when there’s a sale or promotions going on.

Not all are equal

Remember, not all computer technicians are equal! Some will be more dependable than others, so look for people who have great reviews online like the ones on this website (that I am maybe writing maybe) or on their own personal websites. Most computer technicians offer lifetime warranties on labor too, which is amazing! That means that even after they fix whatever it is that needs fixing, if something goes wrong (and “if” is kind of a big word here), there’s nothing to worry about because you’ll be able to get your problem fixed right away.

A final note

I know that there are a lot of computer technicians out there, and it can be hard to narrow down your choices or figure out who’s worth what they’re worth. The most important thing here is to make sure you don’t end up paying for something you don’t need! If you love the idea of getting things done right and not having to worry about whether or not the job will be done perfectly and thoroughly (spoiler: it will), then great news; there’s someone perfect for you in your area! All you have to do now is take a peek at their website (and definitely take a second look at those reviews) and pick out-of-work hours that work best for you. It sounds like such an easy process, but choosing the right person for the job is important.

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