Does the Intel Core i5 9400F come with a fan?


Another question we get asked is: “Does the Intel Core i5 9400F come with a fan?”. Yes, it does come with Intel’s stock fan/cooler.

More about the Intel Core i5 9400F

With the growing popularity of streaming on sites such as twitch and Youtube, rendering your videos faster can give you an advantage over other professionals in your field. A faster cpu will push through a video render much more quickly which means you can spend less time waiting around for something to finish and more time doing what you want. With this new line of CPUs from intel that have hyperthreading, they actually have even less single threaded performance than previous generations but when it comes to multi threaded performance compared to similarly priced CPUs with similar specifications it is vastly superior. This gives you an overall better experience for anything that could utilize more cores rather than just having added single thread speed.

So why would you spend more money?

Well if you want something that will do everything right now and give the best experience then maybe a more expensive CPU with better single threaded performance is what you need. If however, you find yourself waiting for things to render out and looking at the clock wondering how much time is left and how many cups of coffee you can drink before it finishes then this is an incredibly good deal to grab up. I also hear intel has some new cpus coming soon that might be even faster which means by the end of this year i5 9400f could look like an even better buy.

This cpu has pretty decent graphics built into it as well so it can handle gaming but at high resolutions or frame rates it is very much bound by the i5 9400f’s single threaded performance. I’ve found that most newer games will play well with this cpu at about 60fps on high settings but to be able to run it smoothly at 100 fps you should consider upgrading your graphics card first.

A decent processor

The Core i5 9400F is a quad core cpu clocked at 2.90 GHz . It has 4 logical cores, meaning that applications often used in multi-core environments (like rendering) can use all of this CPU’s power even though it detects itself as 4 physical cores. This non-multi-core aware software will only utilize 1 or 2 cores which means for those programs the other 2 or 1 are still available for background tasks like web browsers and chat clients. You can read more info here.

Power consumption

Since this is a U-series cpu, it’s power consumption (TDP) is just 25 Watts which means the cooling solutions under the hood are much smaller than those required for regular 45 or even 65 watt CPUs. So if you use your pc primarily for playing games and not for rendering or science projects, there really is no need to get an unlocked cpu like i5 9600k . This one works great with Z370 motherboard but not all of them support overclocking so be sure to check out their list of compatible motherboards here . If money is no object you can consider getting intel core i5 8600K instead since that cpu has higher clock speeds (3.6 GHz base / 4.3 ghz turbo max) and higher TDP (95 watts).


If you really do not like the design of Intel stock cooler, there are many other options listed here . If 450 dollar budget is too much for you or you just don’t need that much power, intel core i5 9400f will be a perfect fit. It works great, has six cores plus hyper-threading so it can easily outperform quad-core processors from previous generation even when clocked same as them. One major fact that separates this cpu from older models is that turbo boost technology now works with four or more cores at a time which means it can reach up to 4.1 ghz on all six cores unlike older CPUs where maximal clock speed was limited to either two or four cores.

This cpu has locked multiplier so overclocking is not possible without changing the multiplier which can be done using ASUS or GIGABYTE motherboards that feature overclocking options in bios and some other motherboards with UEFI BIOS.

If you want something cheaper than this, Intel core i5 8500 and 8600k will fit your needs, but if you want to go full enthusiast and get maximum out of your money, then this is definitely what you need.


The 9400f is notable because it is the first f-series CPU to have 6 cores instead of 4. Like all other 9000 series CPUs released so far, this one has hyperthreading technology as well so it can process up to 12 threads at once! Compared to its predecessor, it has a 50% increase in speed with an average gain of about 25%. This makes for an excellent choice if you are looking for a new CPU and want the best bang for your buck. This is also a great option if you are looking to upgrade from an older i5 chip, such as the 7600k since it has better single core performance than that one does.

Benchmarks comparing Core i5-7600k and Core i5-9400f:

Multi threaded performance:        Core i7-8700K  (12M Cache, up to 4.70 GHz) = 133.2        Core i5-9400F (9M Cache, up to 4.10 GHz) = 117

Single threaded performance:      Core i7-8700K  (12M Cache, up to 4.70 GHz) = 162           Core i5-9400F (9M Cache, up to 4.10 GHz) = 145

Single threaded performance is not a factor when it comes to most games, but multi threaded performance is very important for games that have a lot of systems running in the background or a lot of physics calculations going on during battle scenes. For example, in Star Wars Battlefront II there were approximately 100 enemies active in one area at once and all had their own projectiles being simulated which may have dropped your FPS by around 12-18 depending how good your CPU was. Even though the 9400f has less single thread performance than the 7600k or other CPUs out there currently do you will still get great frame rates with this cpu with a GPU in the 1070-1080 area.

If you are looking to replace the Intel Core i5 9400F stock fan, get in touch with one of our computer upgrade specialists.

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