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Keeping this in mind, if you have a computer, it will require regular maintenance – just as any mechanical device like a car, an air conditioner etc.

What is a motherboard?

The motherboard is one of the most important parts of your computer system. It’s necessary for connecting all the components together to make the entire computer work. Without this part, your computer cannot function at all.

Motherboards are often short-handed as “the brains” or “main circuit board” of a computer because they coordinate every piece of hardware connected to them in order to function correctly together and complete tasks via specific protocols and interfaces. A single electronic component without another component attached would not be able to do anything useful and thus is separatly from other pieces that perform similar functions.


It functions as the “hub” for your entire computer, which is why if anything goes wrong with it then it can be very difficult to continue using your device in any capacity. This means that when you have corruption issues or component failure with this critical piece of hardware, you will need an expert to fix it in order for everything else to function correctly.

If you have a PC then the motherboard is the large square board that everything plugs into when it is installed inside of the computer case. When a service technician has to remove a part from this board they typically take a picture of where every wire comes from so there aren’t any unnecessary steps added to putting it back together properly after something has been repaired or replaced. Being able to know exactly where all cables go makes reassembly faster and easier.

What is a computer motherboard repair service?

A motherboard repair service is not too common, however when it is needed the train of thought for troubleshooting and repairing a motherboard needs to be nearly flawless in order to pinpoint issues that might show up.

Professional training takes time and money, which means that there are simply not many people who have gone through this extensive process in contrast to other computer repair services such as virus removal or data recovery.

To find a professional motherboard repair service, you might have better luck looking on larger websites where technicians can manage a large number of clients at one time – such as Computer Technicians. Repairing a board requires extreme attention to detail in order to ensure all connections between pieces are perfect before reassembling your device – otherwise your solution will just continue giving you errors until the parts are replaced.

Professional technicians spend years learning how motherboards function and how exactly they work underneath their covers. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to know what they are looking at when they open up your computer, which could be very beneficial for .

Common issues with motherboards


The most common issue associated with computer repairs is overheating . When these boards are not kept at low temperatures through regular cleaning and maintenance they can fail completely, either burning out some of the circuits or simply breaking down altogether. However, even the most well-maintained motherboard can run into problems. A fried motherboard can be caused by a faulty power supply or even by lightning . A replacement board may be available for your device but this is generally only the case if you have an OEM machine as opposed to something more generic.


Repairs are not limited to burned out boards, either. It is quite possible that one of the components on the board has failed, leaving something like USB ports or audio jacks nonfunctional . If it is just one or two then they might just need to be swapped out with working ones that are taken from another board of yours that has been removed.

When professionals fix your motherboard they will not just replace the part that is broken or swap out a faulty port, but they will also clean and test it to ensure the device will operate at optimum speed when everything has been put back together. Time can be really valuable in these cases so you don’t want to take any shortcuts on this task if an option for professional service exists.

How can I tell that my computer motherboard requires a service?

If your device isn’t working at all, chances are that you will need to replace certain parts in order for it to function again. Faulty circuits boards, blown capacitors, damaged memory modules, broken fans or even liquid spills are only some of the things that could damage your motherboard. If you are having computer problems, it is best to take your device to a repair shop because it will be much easier for them to find the problem .

If your computer starts turning off or restarting by itself, or if you can’t turn it on at all, this is definitely something you should have looked at by a professional. Blown capacitors can cause other components on the board to overheat which results in permanent damage. Although these types of damages seem like they could be very easy to fix since they are just capacitors; however; there is actually more to it than meets the eye.

How do I finding the right computer motherboard repair professional?

When you need motherboard repair, it’s important that you find skilled professionals who can do the job correctly. On top of making sure that your PC is working properly once again, these technicians will also save you money in the long run because they’ll prevent future problems from occurring. Our technicians know exactly what issues are likely to develop with each type of computer and how to avoid them (or how to identify them early on so that they can be repaired proactively).

Our technicians will not only fix the problem at hand, but will apply preventative measures that ensure that the same issue doesn’t happen down the road.

Our technicians have access to all of the necessary equipment that they need in order to perform the repairs needed on your board. There is a good chance that you don’t even own half of this type of equipment yourself, like some of the tools required (soldering irons, stethoscopes), especially if you’re not an electrician or anything similar. Repairing broken circuits isn’t as simple as running down to Bunnings and picking up the parts; it’s more like putting together a puzzle that has had pieces tossed around haphazardly over time (which is exactly what happens to motherboards when they’re used for long periods of time).

What are the tasks you do when you repair my board?

A professional computer repair center will perform a variety of tasks when repairing your board, including:

1. Powering down all non-essential components on the motherboard that may be draining power from it while it is turned off, such as fans or hard drives.

2. Replacing any broken circuit boards that are not working properly with new ones. Inspecting each wire in order to determine whether or not they are frayed or burned out in areas where they might pose a safety risk if they are compromised.

3. Repairing any loose connections by removing them and reattaching them with high-quality metal that will not corrode or break.

4. Cleaning the motherboard and all of its components to ensure there is no dust, dirt, oil, or other contaminants on them.

5. Adding thermal paste to the heat sink so heat can be transferred more effectively from the CPU to prevent it from overheating and causing damage.

6. Professional computer repair center offer a warranty for their work, ensuring that you know your motherboard is safe and will last a long time before requiring additional repairs.

What are the top reliable motherboards that require less frequent service or repairs?

Thats a difficult question but from our experience.

  1. ASUS motherboards
  2. Lenovo motherboards
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