Common laptop issues that plague Melbourne users


Are you having issues with your laptop? There are a number of common issues that arise for most laptops. By knowing these common issues, you can find the right solution to fix them quickly and easily.

Laptop overheating

One of the most common problems with laptops is overheating due to dust particles blocking the cooling vents. However, if you’re experiencing overheating on an Apple Macbook, then there could be other problems at hand – it’s possible that the battery has swollen up or even just expanded. When this happens, it’s not safe to turn on your Macbook as it could damage both yourself or your laptop. If you’re experiencing overheating issues on a different laptop, then you’ll need to clean out your cooling vents thoroughly and ensure that no dust or debris is blocking them.

Macbook won’t turn on

Sometimes Apple Macbooks will refuse to turn on immediately after being fully charged – we’ve got great news for you; this is most often related to the battery needing calibration, which can be done easily by our technicians.  If your Macbook still isn’t turning on even after calibrating the battery, it’s possible that there’s damage somewhere else within the device.

Laptop screen won’t work

There are many different reasons that a laptop’s screen will not work, but in most cases it is related to the connection between your computer and its display. This connection is made by way of an inverter board which converts power from your battery to run the bulb inside your display. If this does not work, you may need to replace the inverter or buy an external monitor in order to continue using your laptop.

Laptop won’t charge when plugged in

If the problem is simply that your device will not charge when plugged in (e.g., no green light on charging cord), then you likely just have a faulty charger or bad power socket / power unit. Check to see if there are any loose cords within the plug-in section of your device. If the problem is that your laptop simply won’t turn on, then it’s possible the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. In this case you will have to remove the back of your machine in order to access the battery and charge port. If you’re in Melbourne then you’re in luck as our technicians repair laptops so its best you get in touch with us soon as possible so we can run a diagnostic test and find out what hardware needs to be repaired or replaced.

Laptop shuts off at random times

If your device shuts down when plugged in, even though you have a full battery, then it may be a bad power unit or bad battery. Check for any loose cords in these areas as well as corrosion or fraying around the charging pins for either component. This will require opening up your device and looking inside at each area surrounding these parts until you can track down where the issue lies. If your laptop simply turns off without warning while using it, then chances are your battery is just old and won’t hold a charge as well as it used to. In this case, you can purchase a new laptop battery from an authorized retailer such as Amazon or eBay.

laptop-issues Dim Screen/screen turning black

If the screen of your laptop flickers on and off at certain angles or sometimes goes completely black even though you have full battery life, then there might be a loose connection inside the device around the hinge area. This issue usually occurs after extensive use due to constant movement around this particular area. To access this portion of your machine you would have to remove the back casing again in order to get to all areas surrounding this hinge which could include disconnecting cables from other components, such as the DVD drive, monitor and motherboard. Once you ensure all of these connections are properly attached and make sure no cables run over strain on the hinge itself, the problem should be resolved and your screen will stop flickering or going black.

Loud Fan/noisy laptop

This is a common problem with laptops which can result in high pitched whirring sounds coming from your machine during start up or when it’s plugged into an outlet. The issue usually occurs after extensive use due to dust accumulation around components such as fans; sometimes though this issue can occur even if you haven’t used your device extensively yet. To fix this, dismantle your entire laptop down to the bottom casing and apply compressed air onto all openings around where sound emitting components may be.

Touchpad issues

If your keyboard is malfunctioning and instead of pushing down actual keys you’re pushing down random buttons, it’s probably time to replace your keyboard. This can be due to the fact that the plastic components in between each keycap (or simply called a scissor switch) can wear after heavy use and will not make contact when pushed down; meaning one button presses another resulting in random letters/symbols appearing when typing. To fix this, it is best recommended to buy a new laptop which would come with a pre-installed keyboard or if that option isn’t possible then purchase an external USB compatible keyboard to use until you can afford a new laptop. If you are using an Apple laptop, the Keyboard replacement guide is here

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Faulty Battery

A common laptop issue with many laptops on the market today is a faulty battery. If your laptop is experiencing issues such as running out of power incredibly fast or not charging at all then your best option would be to replace it with a new one depending on how old it currently is. Replacing a battery can be difficult and some batteries come attached with glue around them, so if you are planning to do this yourself ensure that you have a steady hand and patience because if done incorrectly will result in permanent damage to your laptop.

If its the CMOS battery, then you can follow our guide on how to replace CMOS batteries on your own.

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