Best Motherboard for Gaming 2022

Best Motherboard for Gaming 2022

If you are looking for the best gaming motherboard in 2022, you need to know the basics. You need to know about the history of motherboards, the different types, and the top brands. Let’s take a look at these topics in more detail.

A lot about different types of motherboards are covered here.

Listed below are the top motherboards of 2022:

The History of Motherboards

The history of motherboards for gaming systems began when Kontron introduced the ETX form factor in the early 2000s, followed by TQ-Components in 2001. The PCI-SIG released the PCI-Express standard that year, and motherboards using this new standard began to appear in the market. Several years later, Asus released its first XTX motherboard. In the past few years, the history of motherboards for gaming has continued to evolve.

Despite the numerous features of current AMD processors, AMD users shouldn’t buy the cheapest board if they plan on using AMD. In addition, the form factor and expansion slots of AMD motherboards vary, so if you’re looking for an AMD board, you should buy one that supports that chipset. AMD motherboards can also support most CPUs, which means you should avoid the cheapest model.

As of June 2017, ASRock has become one of the largest manufacturers of motherboards for gaming. The company’s Taichi brand was largely known for its affordable, less-is-more designs. But the Taichi brand has evolved into a premium brand, with the Aqua model, a limited edition model expected to reach astronomical prices. However, there’s no way to predict which brand will dominate the market come 2020.

What to look for in a motherboard?

The basic elements of a motherboard are the CPU socket, ATX power connector, memory slots, PCI and PCIe expansion slots, and storage connectors. These also include PS/2 ports and openings for connecting peripherals. Other features of a motherboard include a BIOS and a chipset. If you plan to build your own computer, this section of the motherboard will be crucial.

The Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra has a strong focus on managing temperatures, providing 30 percent lower MOSFET temperatures than comparable boards. This board is designed to withstand the high-powered gaming demands of games like ARK Survival, which can spike CPU temperatures up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds. For this reason, it is critical to choose a motherboard that has adequate cooling features.

Another important feature to consider is the aesthetics of the motherboard. Some motherboards may not have side panel windows, but they will have much more flexibility for overclocking. However, some people want the best of both worlds. This is why mid-range boards should be your first choice. There are many more expensive motherboards available, and they will only make sense if you are on a budget.

Most common brands

The motherboard is the heart of a hardcore gaming PC. Currently, AMD is on top of the gaming performance charts with its Ryzen 5000 series and the latest Zen 3 architecture. Intel is also making a comeback with its 11th Gen CPUs on the Z590 platform and offers good value for money. If you are building a budget gaming machine, Intel motherboards are the best option. AMD and Intel both offer good midrange and high-end options.

AMD and Intel use different sockets in their motherboards. AMD uses AM4 sockets, while Intel uses LGA1151. Most motherboards come with both CPU platforms, so you can get motherboards from either. The lower-end models are not overclockable, but they do perform decently for gaming. AMD processors are more likely to run into compatibility issues, but they are more affordable than Intel. In addition, they are more suited for do-it-yourself setups.


Asus has released the ROG Swift RGB motherboard, with two RGB and two ARGB headers on board. Both of these features are highly sought-after in gaming motherboards. These features enable gamers to set their PC’s RGB lighting to any color they want. Asus also has RGB lighting support on board, which enables gamers to set the color of their desktop to any shade of red, green, or blue.

The Asus Z87X-Pro motherboard has a ton of ports, including RGB lighting, a Thunderbolt option, and six SATA 3.0 ports. It also includes several quality-of-life upgrades. Despite its many features, however, users have complained about Asus’ poor customer support. This motherboard may be a good choice for a budget gaming PC, but you should be careful when buying a motherboard that does not come with great customer support.

If you’re not interested in overclocking, the Asus Prime B560-Plus motherboard is a great option. It is equipped with Digi+ VRMs, which have dedicated heatsinks, to ensure that your system remains cool. Another benefit of this motherboard is its dual M.2 slots, which make it convenient to store multiple hard drives. The motherboard is also equipped with six SATA ports, a large number of which will increase your computer’s speed.


If you’re in the market for a new motherboard for your gaming PC, the Gigabyte Motherboard may be a good option. These motherboards features plenty of USB ports and also includes support for Thunderbolt. It features dual PCIe slots for expansion cards, a pre-mounted I/O shield, and support for Thunderbolt 4. The motherboard also features three USB 3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt 4 ports, as well as addressable RGB strips.

If you’re looking for a high-end motherboard for your gaming PC, the Gigabyte Motherboards is a good choice. It’s equipped with the latest technology and features to maximize performance. It’s also available in Mini-ITX form, which is great if you need a compact build. And if you’re on a budget, Gigabyte is a good option.

Gigabyte features plenty of SATA ports, so you can easily connect external storage devices. These can also help you increase your storage capacity. Ideally, the motherboard will support at least 6GB SATA (SATA III), which will give you an edge in playing games and loading programs. The processor also supports DDR4 and DDR5.


MSI motherboards are a great choice for gamers looking for a high-end performance motherboard. It features on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectors, as well as port shield, heavy endurance, and external damage protection. The motherboard includes overclocking features designed for the highest output. High-speed USB ports will come in handy while gaming, and the turbo M.2 slot for SSDs features built-in heat-sinks. If sound quality is a priority, then a gaming motherboard with a powerful audio codec is an excellent choice for the pro crowd.

Another important factor when selecting a motherboard is the number of ports available. MSI motherboards supports a variety of peripherals, and has four full-length PCIe 4.0 x16 slots. The first three slots are shared, and the fourth slot has four lanes. The motherboard features nine USB ports, including one Type-C connector for the latest devices. The motherboard has an integrated 10-Gb LAN, as well as an Ethernet port for the latest generation of high-speed Internet connectivity.


The ASRock Z87-UD5H motherboard is a good choice for gamers. It has two PCIe 5.0 x16 slots and three PCIe 3.0 x16 slots. It also features five M.2 slots and one USB Type-C connector. It also includes three Hyper M.2 drive slots, Wi-Fi 6 and an extra power connector for an extra 1×4. The AMD Z87-UD5H motherboard is priced at an affordable midrange price.

When buying a new motherboard, make sure to check its features and performance. If you’re looking for a powerful gaming PC, you need to make sure it’s equipped with the latest technology. Motherboards are expensive, but you can get a quality one for less than $400. A good board will also come with a warranty and technical support. You can read more about ASRock Motherboards  specifications below.

ASUS has targeted the overclocking market with the Crosshair VIII Hero. The Hero is just as powerful as the Formula variant, but with more features. The ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero is a great AMD gaming motherboard with a hefty price tag. However, it may be out of your budget, so it is worth checking out the Crosshair VIII Hero before you buy it. You won’t regret the purchase if you buy this motherboard!


If you are considering buying a motherboard for your PC, then you may want to consider buying a high-end model. These models come with features that will enhance your gaming experience and will suit any budget. Listed below are some of the most popular motherboards that are great for gamers. Take a look! This review was created by our team of experts to help you decide which motherboard is best for you. All of these motherboards are highly recommended and offer great value for money.

AMD motherboards have a passive thermal solution that allows you to turn off the fan if your PC is running too hot. The RGB Fusion with LED show design adds style to the motherboard. And to protect your slots and ports, the motherboard has a powerful power/reset button. For pro-gamers, the sound output is excellent. And it also supports ESS SABRE DAC audio codec, which improves audio output.

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