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Amazon Alexa

What is’s Alexa for your PC?’s Alexa is an application that allows you to control Windows with voice commands when it is opened via the Google Chrome browser, according to Amazon . You can do tasks like search for products on Amazon , play music, and even check the news without ever touching your keyboard or mouse.  Additionally, with this program you can open other applications with voice commands like Google Chrome itself, Internet Explorer , Spotify, and others.   With this program there are two ways in which users can speak commands: natural language input or vocally selecting buttons on the screen before giving their command (similar to Cortana).

Amazon Alexa vs Cortana

The big difference between Amazon .com’s Alexa assistant and Microsoft Cortana is that Alexa can be opened with your voice on any Windows PC, whereas Cortana is only available on select PCs.  Additionally, while both programs are made to act as personal assistants, Alexa has the ability to play music without having an open webpage.  However, Cortana tends to have more information about individual things than Alexa does (according to CNET ).

Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa vs Microsoft Cortana

According to CNET , “What’s interesting about this battle between virtual assistants is that it isn’t just Apple or Google fighting for control of your digital voice assistant; now it’s a three-way battle.”  This means that people could use all three programs on their phones, but only one on their PC.  For example, Google Assistant is available on both kinds of devices while Amazon Alexa is currently only on select PCs.

Additionally, Cortana tends to have more information about individual things than Alexa does.  Cortana can be used on Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system for computers, while Alexa works with Windows 7 or higher versions of the same program.  However, while Cortana had some difficulties when originally released in 2014 (according to CNET), it has had some updates since then and seems to function more smoothly now.

Despite differences in support for operating systems and the amount of information each program can access, both are made to act as personal assistants.  Amazon Alexa vs.  Microsoft Cortana is a close competition, and each has its own benefits.  Users may want to consider both before committing to one over the other.

What does’s Alexa do?

If you want something done simply, you can speak natural language queries. For example, if I want to play Michael Jackson’s music on Spotify, I could say “Alexa, play Billie Jean by Michael Jackson on Spotify” and she will do it for me. There are other things that users can do with the help of Alexa like set reminders or an alarm, control smart home devices (i.e., lighting), get news updates, see shopping lists and much more.  There is an extensive list of commands available here .

Where does’s Alexa work?

Currently this software works only in English-speaking countries because it is tailored after their voice assistant Alexa, which responds to commands spoken in English. It also requires a minimum of Chrome version 51 and a good computer microphone that picks up your voice easily.

Why would someone use’s Alexa for their PC?

This program allows you to access a large library of music and other functions in a more comfortable way than if you were using a keyboard or mouse, i.e., when your hands are wet from cooking dinner you can still change the song or add something to your shopping list by speaking instead of reaching out for another device. Also, you can perform multiple tasks at the same time with the help of this software. For example, I can listen to music while cleaning my home without having to switch back and forth between windows or apps.

How do I install’s Alexa on my Windows operating system device?

  • First, go to the Alexa for your PC page on
  • Next, select Add Alexa to my Computer .
  • Once you have clicked these two options, you will be directed to another screen with step-by-step instructions on how to install Alexa.
  • You will need to download an extension if you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Vivaldi.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open Alexa by clicking on its icon which will be located next to your search bar on Google Chrome.
  • Talking into a microphone to find answers might seem odd at first but it quickly becomes second nature.
  • Alexa for your PC is a free download which you can find at this link.

Summary: Microsoft and Amazon are competing with each other by releasing their own personal assistants on Windows PCs. There are differences between Cortana and Alexa but there is also overlap in features such as calendar management, creating shopping lists, controlling smart devices, creating alarms, checking weather forecasts and searching for directions or traffic conditions. If you’re thinking about buying an Amazon Echo Dot or a Windows 10 computer then it’d be helpful to take a look at what they have to offer so that you can pick the best option.

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