Advantages of using a desktop computer


We often get asked ‘What are the advantages of having a desktop computer?’

What is a desktop computer?

A desktop computer is one of several types of computers that come in different shapes and sizes. A typical desktop computer has its components (including the motherboard, processor, graphics card) inside a box-shaped casing with a separate monitor on top and a separate keyboard plus mouse attached to it. This type of computer is so common these days because they are relatively cheap in price compared to other types of personal computers such as laptops or tablets. The popularity also made it necessary for desktop computers to have peripheral devices such as printers.

Desktop computers can range from inexpensive ones that anyone can buy from department stores all the way up to servers used by large companies for bulk data processing. In non-technical terms, this just means that desktop computers are commonly used by average people for basic tasks such as internet surfing, playing games, and creating documents.

Purpose of a desktop computer

Desktop computers are built with the assumption that the computer will remain in one location which is why they are often difficult to move without dismantling it first. Because of this design assumption, desktop computers have very large screens compared to other types of personal computers. They also have large disk drives capable of holding thousands of music tracks or movies while laptops can only hold a fraction of that data because their disks are smaller.

Desktop computers also come with standard input devices known as a keyboard and mouse which makes them easier to use than other types of personal computers where touch-screen technology is usually applied instead. As aforementioned, desktop PCs ran at slower speeds than laptops which is why they became popular in the business world because they could handle more applications at a time.

Today, however, desktop computers have become much more powerful and some models now rival laptop speeds. They also come with extra features such as better sound cards and graphics processors which make them perfect for gaming or multimedia use. In addition, desktop PCs are cheaper to buy than laptops and can be upgraded with new hardware components much easier than laptops.

Advantages of using a desktop computer

Desktop PCs are becoming increasingly rare as laptops continue to dominate the personal computing market. However, there are still many advantages to using a desktop PC over other types of personal computers. Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider using a desktop PC:

  1. Desktop computers are more powerful than laptops and can handle more memory-intensive applications
  2. Desktop PCs are much faster than laptops. This is because they come with more powerful processors and larger amounts of RAM
  3. They also have bigger hard drives which can store more data. As a result, desktop PCs are perfect for tasks such as gaming, multimedia editing or CAD design.
  4. Easier to upgrade with more storage
  5. They have a larger screen size, which is great for watching movies or playing games
  6. More affordable than a laptop
  7. They are cheaper to repair if something goes wrong with the hardware
  8. It’s easier to upgrade components on a desktop computer when they become outdated
  9. Better for multitasking and using multiple programs at once
  10. Desktop PCs also come with standard input devices such as keyboards and mice which makes them easier to use than laptops. They also offer a range of ports and slots which can be used to connect external devices such as printers, scanners or storage drives. You can use your mouse and keyboard for gaming, which makes it feel more immersive in comparison to using a laptop touchpad or touchscreen
  11. Laptops require charging, whereas desktop computers do not
  12. The screen on a desktop computer is typically larger than that of a laptop
  13. Laptops are less sturdy than desktops because of their smaller size


Overall, there are many advantages to using a desktop computer over other types of personal computers. They are larger, faster and come with standard input devices which makes them easier to use. In addition, they are usually cheaper to buy and can be easily upgraded with new hardware components. So if you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use computer, a desktop PC is the ideal choice.

One of the biggest advantages of desktop PCs is that they are upgradable. This means that you can easily add new components, such as a new graphics card or additional RAM, to improve the performance of your computer. Laptops are not usually upgradable, which means that you may have to buy a new one if you want to upgrade your hardware.

Overall, desktop PCs offer more flexibility and performance than laptops and are perfect for tasks such as gaming, multimedia editing or CAD design. If you need a powerful and versatile computer, then a desktop PC is the best choice. We professionally build and supply desktop PCs in Melbourne, so if you are looking for one, get in touch with us.

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