Advantages of Online Backups in 2021


My clients often ask me – ‘Do I really need a backup? or ‘Are online backups safe?’ or ‘What are the advantages of online backups?’. If you too are seeking for the answers, you’ve got them for you!

Let’s start from the basics!

What is data backup?

Data backup is a process of copying digital data so that it can be restored later in the event of data loss. Backing up important information is important because it gives you peace of mind knowing that if your computer crashes, or some other type of disaster occurs, your files will not be lost. You need to have backups in place so that you can restore lost data and keep working, rather than having to start over from scratch. It’s also important to choose where you store your backups carefully – keeping them somewhere safe and secure such as an external hard drive or USB stick is good for both physical and cyber security.

We can help data backups to cloud, USB drives or even NAS devices like those from Synology or QNAP.

Types of data backups

Whilst there are many “forms” of data backup, the aim of all is to make a copy of some kind and store it in one location. This could be another computer, USB stick, phone or any other device that can store data.

Data backups can be classified into two main types: Full and Incremental . An incremental backup makes a copy only of new or changed files since the last backup. It also enables you to restore your files back to an earlier date so long as you have not removed them from the hard drive. A full backup on the other hand will save copies of your entire hard drive regardless of whether it has been updated or not since the last full backup. This type of backup is required when reformatting your hard drive or in the event that your computer’s data is irretrievable.

Manual vs Automated backups

Backups are most effective when they are automated, which means they run by themselves without needing any input from you. If you have to manually do them, it’s easy to forget or be too busy to perform the backup when you should – which defeats the whole point of having a backup in the first place! Automated backups also make it much easier to restore your files if something happens – if you have to remember what date and time certain files were created or changed, then go to that location on your computer and manually pull them back into their appropriate places, this can take hours just for one simple task.

Downsides of local backups

If you decide to keep data backups on a local computer, it is crucial that you do not use the same device as both a backup and where files are regularly created. Otherwise, if the hard drive crashes, you lose everything! If necessary, purchase an additional hard drive to be used exclusively for backups. There are also several websites that allow users to store large amounts of data over time using their free accounts, but this can lead to security concerns – while it’s great that these companies act as an online storage facility, always ensure you only provide them with limited access so they cannot delete or modify any of your other files in case something should happen. Always remember – if your data is important enough to back up in the first place, then it’s worth spending a little extra cash to ensure that in the event of a disaster, you don’t lose any of your documents.

It is also advisable to keep backups in a location away from the computer such as an external hard drive, USB stick or cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox). This will prevent losing all of your files in the event of a fire or theft. The likelihood of this happening may be low but it can happen and you don’t want to lose all your files again due to an unforeseen incident, so do not store them where they are easily accessible by others and take care when storing backup devices to avoid misplacing them and not being able to find them again!

Importance of backups

With the rise of Crypt malware, data backups have never been so important!

It’s important to back up your computer data. If you want to make sure that the information on your hard drive is safe, then it makes sense to spend money on an online backup service. Here are five reasons why backing up your files is worthwhile.

1) It ensures that all of your most important information is backed up

2) You can access any file you want from anywhere in the world with internet access

3) You don’t have to think about backing up – it will be done automatically for you

4) It decreases stress because you know that if anything ever happens to your laptop or desktop computer, all of your most important files will be safe and sound

5) You can choose what type of recovery software or hardware you want to save your files in case of a failure.

Advantages of online backups


1. Safety

Your information is safe from power surges and other problems that can happen with electricity. Even if you have a surge protector (or UPS), it’s still not good enough, because the protection doesn’t always work, and it only protects one component of your system. If you do choose to back up locally (on an external hard drive or USB stick), then make sure that you’re backing up frequently , keep the drive somewhere clean and dry , and don’t be gentle while you move or handle the drive. You might also want to consider putting all important files on an online backup service so even if disaster does strike your computer you won’t lose everything.

Online backup is a relatively new technology that has quickly gained attention due to the many advantages it offers over traditional local backups. The main advantage is that with online backup there is no need for an additional piece of hardware, since all the data comes straight from the cloud and into your computer or mobile device.

2. No need for extra hardware

As we mentioned before, one of the main benefits of online backup is that there’s no need for extra hardware – just sign up and install an app on your smartphone or tablet and you’re already backing up files wirelessly . In addition, there are also some great programs available as apps on your PC as well, like Crashplan, which allows you to back files up whenever your computer is connected to the internet.

3. No size limitations

The other main benefit of online backup is that there are no size limitations for how much data can be backed up; in fact, some cloud storage providers allow users to upload their entire hard drive if they so wish.

4. Protection again fire and theft

Backing up your files online provides protection against fire and theft – especially if your PC’s hard drive is stolen or burnt in a fire. Since all of your important documents are already on one of the many servers out there , you won’t lose any information even if it completely burns down, as long as you make sure to update and check back regularly with the program and the provider.

5. Ease of setup

Another benefit of online backup is that it’s extremely easy to set up – all you have to do is download a program, run it and select which files you want to back up onto the server. No additional hardware necessary! In fact, most providers even allow you to use your own hardware if you so choose . It’s also very simple to configure automatic backups so that they take place without any need for user intervention every time there are new files or changes made to existing ones on your hard drive.

6. Encryption

Backup programs usually include more features as well , such as built-in encryption or file versioning (so that old versions of a document can be restored in case something happens). Even more convenient is the fact that you can restore files directly from the backup service’s website instead of downloading them manually over a slow connection.

7. Ease of restoring data

Restoring your data is fast and easy . The restored data will be at a different URL, but you’ll never have to deal with error messages telling you that the file or directory was not found on the server because you don’t need to download anything. In most cases, all you have to do is click a link – your stuff is there!

8. Access to files anywhere around the world

In addition to keeping copies of your important information at an offsite location , online backups also let you access your files anytime and anywhere . With most providers offering apps for smartphones and tablets, backing up files has never been more convenient than it is today.

9. Access files on any device

If any problems occur with the hardware or software that’s storing your information, you can rest assured knowing that all of your files are safe and sound because they’re still on the cloud. Say for instance you sent your device for pc repairs, you will be able to access your files on any other device. The last thing you need in a situation like this is for things to get worse when you have no idea what just happened or how to fix it.


In closing, online backup services provide many benefits over other types of backup solutions . They let you keep multiple versions of your files, back up an unlimited amount of data, and can even be set up to run whenever there’s spare server capacity – so the only thing you have to worry about is if a meteorite falls from the sky and destroys the planet!

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