Advancements in Remote IT Support


I have been in the IT industry for 15 years now. With my experience, I can honestly say that not everything in this world is best done on site. If you are running out of space in your office or if your managers are trying to cut cost, there are ways you can offer service without actually being there at the desk.

As an example, one of my clients was looking for a way to lower his company’s expenses when he discovered that approximately 150 routers were “on” all night long to monitor activity even though they had no users that time. He then decided to look into how he could monitor them remotely. It depended on what our client wanted to monitor but we found a solution so it did not matter where his location was. However, if you are looking to monitor your employees, for example, then you need something that is more secure and not as intrusive as someone logging into their desktops all the time.

With remote monitoring software such as TeamViewer (, we were able to show our client how we could easily examine their routers without actually being there on site with only a one-time fee of $650 which included access to updates and support until they decided it was no longer necessary. After this initial charge and agreement, I saved them over $8500 dollars each year since their users did not have to pay any additional fees or buy additional licenses. It really pays off when you do the math because remote access to their routers has saved them the time of having to call us out three times a week.

The majority of our clients are not “tech savvy” and do not understand what is involved with keeping their computers running well. If there were an issue, they would likely have no idea if it was due to spyware, viruses, or even poor router configuration which ultimately takes away from the performance of your network connection.

Teamviewer offers both free and premium levels of service for home users but our company’s IT department always goes with the professional level which offers unattended access, file transfer capabilities, chat functionality as well as much more. It allows us to take care of any issues that may arise immediately without having to wait for client work to be finished.

In fact, Teamviewer is so fast and easy-to-use that we can have a client up and running in a matter of minutes if the issue happens to be with their computer. This allows them to get back to work much easier without having to sit around while we work on it from our location. The whole process of remote IT support just seems seamless from any location.

If you are not using Teamviewer or something similar within your organization then you might think about looking into it for your own personal use as well. It has been an absolute life saver when installing network equipment which can sometimes require troubleshooting across multiple computers and operating systems even including smartphones! We all know how frustrating things like this can be without the option to easily be able to remote in and fix it.

The business technology environment is constantly changing which can bring a lot of new challenges that we never paid attention to before in the past. A good example of this would be with cloud computing which you might need help with moving your data from one location to another, or maybe you simply want it stored on a more secure solution for disaster recovery purposes. In these sorts of cases it is often required to go through an outside source because not everyone has the knowledge or expertise to solve something like this themselves.

If you are having any sort of issue related specifically to your computers then they will most likely have steps for how they reached their conclusion already set up based on similar issues in the past that they have seen. If you are having an issue with your computer hardware then they can remotely access it and attempt to fix it for you without ever having to set foot in the office.

As technology advances, more companies are becoming open to outsourcing or hiring remote employees. Due to this, there is now a much bigger market of professionals who are skilled enough to be able to offer their expertise directly from their homes. This means that many companies don’t even need offices anymore!

I am a computer engineer holding a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, complemented by a Master's in Business Administration from University of Strathclyde, Scotland. I currently work as a Senior IT Consultant in Melbourne, Australia. With over 15 years of...