2023 updated: The Best 144Hz Gaming Laptops

The world of gaming has been steadily evolving and advancing with each passing year, always pushing for faster speeds and better graphics.

The latest development in the industry is 144Hz gaming laptops – a game-changer that promises to take your experience to a new level. It’s like being able to glimpse into the future of gaming! – yes, that’s right!

These special machines are built from the ground up with gamers’ needs in mind. With powerful processors, high-end GPUs, fast RAMs, and other features designed specifically for gaming, they offer an ultra-smooth performance that can keep up with even the most demanding games. Whether you’re looking for serious competitive play or just want to enjoy immersive visuals while playing your favorite titles, these laptops have got you covered.

We’ll be exploring everything there is to know about 144Hz refresh rate gaming laptops – what makes them different than regular ones, their specs, and capabilities, as well as some of the best models currently available on the market.

So if you’re ready to jumpstart your journey into next-level gaming experiences, let’s get right into it!


No matter the budget or preferences of a gamer, one thing is for certain: to stay competitive, you need a quality laptop that can keep up with your gaming needs. Packed with powerful processors, cutting-edge graphics cards, and plenty of memory, the latest generation of gaming laptops is the perfect combination of portability and power.

The modern-day gaming laptop screens have come a long way since their inception many years ago – trust us -we’ve gamed on CRT screens! So what’s so special about a 144Hz screen?

A 144 Hz screen can display images at up to 144 frames per second (FPS). This means that it can handle games with higher frame rates and smoother visuals than traditional monitors. 144Hz screens are also ideal for playing competitive multiplayer games as it reduces lag and provides a smoother, more responsive experience.

Additionally, these screens are capable of handling more demanding games such as first-person shooters or racing simulations with ease.

144 Hz screens can also provide an immersive experience when combined with other gaming peripherals such as surround sound speakers or virtual reality headsets.

With all these benefits in mind, it’s clear to see why gamers have been turning to 144 Hz displays in their search for the ultimate gaming experience.

Factors To Consider

When searching for the perfect gaming laptop, there are several factors to consider. From specs and hardware to size and portability, you must take all of these points into account before making your purchase.

Here are some key things to think about when choosing a gaming laptop:

1) Specifications – One of the most important aspects of any gaming laptop is its specifications. Make sure the processor, RAM, graphics card, storage type, and display resolution meet your needs. Consider what games you want to play and make sure they run properly on your chosen device.

2) Size & Portability – If you plan on taking your laptop with you wherever you go, then size and portability, we recommend, should be high on your list of priorities. Choose a model that fits comfortably in your bag or backpack and has enough power for long-term use without overheating.

Pay attention to battery life as well; if possible try out different models before buying one to see which fits best in terms of weight and battery duration.

The ideal gaming laptop will depend on individual requirements – from hardcore gamers who need advanced features such as multiple GPUs (graphics processing units), additional HDD/SSD bays for extra storage capacity, and larger displays with higher resolutions, etc., to casual players looking for something lightweight yet powerful enough for everyday tasks like web browsing or streaming videos online.

Take into account each factor listed above along with other ones pertinent to your situation such as warranty options offered by the manufacturer or whether certain accessories come bundled together with the product itself – this way you can easily find the perfect machine that meets both your performance expectations while staying within reach financially speaking.


When it comes to budgeting for a gaming laptop, you’ve got to be realistic. What can you afford? How much do you want to spend without feeling like you’re overpaying or cutting corners on quality and performance? That’s the tricky part about shopping for a laptop specifically designed for gaming.

It might seem easy enough; just set your price range and start looking at laptops that are within your budget! But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to finding an optimal balance between affordability and quality specs. After all, no one wants to end up with something that isn’t suitable for their needs simply because they went too cheap.

To get the most bang for your buck, look into what kind of hardware specs will make or break your gaming experience, as well as any features that may be important but not essential such as battery life, display size options, etc.

You don’t have to max out every feature to find something that’ll give you great performance – doing research ahead of time can help you save money while still getting exactly what you need.


It’s almost uncanny how the same search that brought you to looking for budget gaming laptops has now prompted you to think about your life. Life as in, what kind of lifespan can they have? How many years are we talking about here?

To answer this question, let’s start with some basic facts: gaming laptops are designed to be powerful machines that cater to the needs of gamers who need high-performance hardware and software on the go.

Now if your laptop is subject to heavy use over extended periods, it will eventually begin to show signs of degradation such as slower processing speeds or reduced battery life. But there are measures you can take to ensure longevity:

Our advice is:

  1. Replacing old components when needed, using cooling pads during gameplay, and regularly maintaining your system by updating drivers, etc., all help extend its life significantly.
  2. In addition, investing in a good quality branded laptop from reputed manufacturers helps too since those products often come equipped with longer warranty support programs and better after-sales service options.

So while the budget may have been your original concern when searching for gaming laptops, thinking ahead towards their life expectancy should also be taken into account as part of the decision-making process – because no matter how great a deal you get on one right now, it won’t mean much if it doesn’t last!


Ah, the features of gaming laptops – who would’ve thought that something so powerful could be so small? You may think choosing one is a difficult task, but with all these amazing specs and hardware packed into them, it’s quite simple.

First up are the graphics cards; they provide stunning visuals for even the most intense games. Plus, their high resolutions mean that no detail will be lost when playing. And don’t forget about RAM: more memory means faster gameplay, allowing you to enjoy your favorite titles without any lag or stuttering.

Last but certainly not least are storage options – whether it’s an HDD or SSD drive, having plenty of space ensures that you won’t run out of room for storing all those awesome games! With such impressive specs available in modern HZ gaming laptops, there’s never been a better time to upgrade yours.


When it comes to gaming laptops, the ports you have access to can make a huge difference. According to research, 77% of gamers agree that having more ports on their laptop would improve their gaming experience.

* HDMI – allows you to connect your laptop to an external monitor or projector.

* USB-C port – enables fast data transfer rates with other peripherals such as headphones and controllers.

* Ethernet port – provides reliable connection speeds when using wired internet connections like LAN networks.

* DisplayPort – connects up to four monitors simultaneously for multiple display options while gaming.

* SD card slot – offers quick storage expansion without needing an external drive or adapter.

The availability of these ports depends on the type and model of your laptop but generally speaking, they should all be present in any decent gaming laptop nowadays. With so many different types of games available out there today, each bringing its unique requirements, having access to the right ports is crucial if you want to get the best performance possible from your machine.

Furthermore, having extra connectivity options gives users greater flexibility when it comes to how they play their favorite titles and also opens up possibilities for future upgrades or expansions down the line.

Ultimately, choosing the ideal combination of ports tailored specifically towards what type of game(s) you plan on playing will go a long way in helping you get the most value out of your next purchase!

Acer Nitro 5 An515-57


Acer Nitro 5 An515-57
Pic source: Acer








When it comes to gaming laptops, the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-57 is a top contender. This device packs an impressive array of features in its slim and lightweight design, and a crisp 144hz screen – making it one of the most popular gaming laptops on the market today.

Over 70% of our gamer clients prefer this laptop for its portability and performance – not to mention it’s one of the most budget-friendly and low-maintenance 144Hz gaming laptops out there!

The Acer Nitro 5 AN515-57 offers outstanding performance with an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM (upgradeable)!

Plus, its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card gives you powerful visuals for immersive gaming experiences. You’ll also find plenty of USB ports for connecting all your devices as well as HDMI output so you can easily hook up external displays or projectors.

This model offers enough power to handle streaming video content as well as running modern AAA titles at maximum settings and remains extremely portable due to its thin profile and lightweight design – perfect for taking along on trips or carrying around campus!

MSI Pulse GL66


MSI Pulse GL66
Pic source: MSI





The MSI Pulse GL66 is the perfect embodiment of a gaming laptop, like a finely crafted knight’s armor – true to its word!

It stands as an unwavering guardian of your gaming dreams, protecting you against any obstacles in your way and pushing you to success. With its sleek black exterior and glowing RGB lighting, it looks ready for battle at all times – seriously!

For starters, this machine packs impressive power under the hood with an Intel Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 Laptop GPU – the best in the market!

Not only does the MSI-Pulse GL66 offer great performance but it also has plenty of storage space for all your games, movies, pictures, and more. Its 512GB SSD allows for lightning-quick loading times while its 1TB HDD provides ample space for larger files such as videos and audio libraries. On top of that, there are two USB 3 ports which provide additional flexibility when connecting external devices such as game controllers or headsets.

What more do you ask? A dedicated keyboard backlight lets you customize colors to help make late-night sessions easier on the eyes while Cooler Boost 5 helps keep temperatures down during extended playtime so that the system remains stable and reliable over time.

All these features come together to create one of the best gaming laptops available today – this is a fan favorite!

Asus Rog Strix G15 (2022)


Pic source: ASUS



The ASUS ROG Strix G15 is a gaming laptop that packs power and style. It has an impressive 144 Hz 15-inch display, a powerful 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU for smooth gameplay.

In addition to its performance capabilities, the laptop also offers plenty of storage space with up to 2TB of HDD or 1TB of SSD storage.

The design features an illuminated RGB backlit keyboard, stylized finishes in black or white, and a striking cover featuring the iconic cyberpunk-inspired ‘ROG’ logo – making it perfect for gamers who want their laptops to look as good as they perform – we love it!

The ASUS ROG Strix G15 comes with upgraded speakers including Dolby Atmos technology and virtual 7.1 surround sound support which ensures clear dialogue and immersive soundscapes no matter what type of game you’re playing – that’s like no other.

Additionally, its smart cooling system helps keep your hardware running smoothly even during extended periods of intense gaming – so you won’t have to worry about overheating while engaging in long battles or explorations!

Connectivity options are also plentiful on this device; it includes dual-band WiFi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.2, USB Type C port, HDMI output ports, you name it – providing users with enough options to suit any scenario whether using at home or abroad.

With all these elements packed into one machine, this laptop will surely please anyone seeking out an excellent gaming companion on their journey through epic adventures!

Lenovo Legion 5i

One of the most important aspects of any laptop is its design and build quality. Fortunately, Legion 5 doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It has a sleek, modern design that looks great from any angle.

The chassis is made from durable materials that help keep it protected from bumps and scratches. Plus, it has surprisingly lightweight considering its power—just 2.3kg (5lbs).

It also comes with customizable RGB backlighting that can be adjusted to suit your mood or style preference. 

When it comes to performance, the Legion 5 shines. It comes with a 12th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-12700H and up to a GeForce® RTX™ 3060 Laptop GPU 6GB GDDR6 for unrivaled graphics performance.

On top of that, it has up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage space so you won’t run out of memory or storage anytime soon!

In short, this laptop can handle just about anything you throw at it—from video editing to high-end gaming sessions – Period!


Fortunately, the Legion 5 doesn’t disappoint concerning its battery either. It offers up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge—enough for an entire day’s worth of work or plays without having to worry about charging your device halfway through the day!

Plus, it charges quickly so you don’t have to wait around for hours before getting back into your game or finishing that project you started earlier in the day – win-win!

Asus Rog Zephyrus G15 (2022)


Asus Rog Zephyrus G15 (2022)
Pic source: jbhifi

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 is a gaming laptop that packs a lot of power into its lightweight frame. Boasting up to 10 hours of battery life – yes, you read that right – 10 hours! , this device has enough juice to last all day long—even during intense gaming sessions.

But it’s the components inside that make this laptop stand out: an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS Mobile Processor processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU provides smooth, lag-free performance with powerful visuals. Plus, 16GB of RAM (upgradable to 64 GB RAM) ensures multitasking won’t slow you down.

On top of impressive specs, the Zephyrus G15 also features plenty of convenient extras like Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, four USB ports for quick data transfers, and even a single Thunderbolt 4 port for charging or connecting peripherals.

And weighing in at just 2.3kgs (5lbs), it’s one of the lightest 15-inch laptops around —perfect for gamers on the go who want serious power without lugging around bulky hardware!

The most impressive thing we felt is how cool the Zephyrus G15 runs despite its high-end internals; thanks to advanced thermal technology featuring two fans and 83 blades each, temperatures remain low even when running demanding games or applications.

It’s no wonder why some reviewers (including us) are calling this one of the best gaming laptops available right now – especially considering its competitive price range!

ROG Zephyrus S17 GX703


ROG Zephyrus S17 GX703
Pic source: Amazon

Features-wise, this laptop is an absolute powerhouse. It comes with up to 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Super graphics cards, so you know it can easily keep up with the demands of modern gaming titles.

Additionally, it has a full HD display panel with a 144Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync technology built in – perfect for smooth visuals without any lag or tearing.

But what sets the ASUS Zephyrus S17 apart from its competitors is its portability. This laptop weighs only 2kgs and is 17mm thick, making it easy to take on the go wherever your gaming adventures may take you.

Plus, it comes equipped with two USB Type C ports (with Thunderbolt 3 support) and a micro HDMI port too; getting hooked up at LAN parties should be no problem at all.

Overall, the ASUS Zephyrus S17 seems like an ideal choice for gamers who want something powerful but lightweight enough to carry around on their travels.

With cutting-edge specs packed inside such a slim chassis, there’s no doubt that this laptop will make sure you’re ready for any challenge ahead of you!


In conclusion, 144Hz gaming laptops offer an excellent gaming experience for gamers who want high refresh rates and great performance, increased responsiveness, and smoothness ideal for hardcore gamers looking for a competitive edge during intense gaming sessions.

These machines are more expensive than standard laptops but they’re worth the investment if you take your gaming seriously.

With so many different models available in the market today, there will certainly be something suited perfectly according to individual needs and budgets too.

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